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Give Yourself Credit

Listen I know you are starting out on this internet marketing/entrepreneur journey. And at times you feel like you’ve gotten nothing done. Or you may feel like you’re not doing enough. Well let me tell you a little secret. Don’t beat yourself up. You see, you have to give yourself credit for getting this far.


To be honest I know you look at others who are further than you. That is great for inspiration. And I know the ugly monster of “comparison” rears his ugly head telling you to do more, to catch up. And you will, but for now take it one day at a time. One project at a time, one sentence at a time, one task at a time. And soon you will get to where you are going.


You need to applaud yourself for getting this far. If you’re a blogger, celebrate the fact you have a blog, an email list, followers, readers, ads. For every accomplishment say “Thank you” showing gratitude is the key to success. I know you may have a big project, but celebrate the little wins. Because it’s the little wins that wins the big game.


For example let say you have to run a mile to get to the finish line. In order to do that you’re going to take a bunch of steps in order to get there right? You don’t just show up at the finish line? It’s the same thing here. All the steps you take are progressive steps towards your goal. So celebrate each step you’ve accomplish towards your finish line.


And by no means am I saying to stop on every step and grab a cup of coffee to celebrate, what I am saying is to take a deep breath, give thanks to what you’ve already done. This will alleviate stress which makes you be more productive.


At Your Service,
Midas Shaw

7 Outside The Box Book Promoting Tips

Here are 7 great tips to increase your book sales. Writing the book is the easy part, marketing it is where the real work begins. Use these 7 tips to help with your book sales.


1  Think about the subject/title of the books. Ask yourself, who can use this book? Who might be interesting in this book? Who can this book help?
2  Join social media sites or post on forums where people may have an interest on the subject matter. For example for a recipe book. What cooking community may benefit from this book? Or a grieving book, what website or forum could use this book to aid them recover after a death.
3  I’m not asking you to solicit, but rather direct people who may find the information useful.
4  Be tactical how you post. Example, “I know of this book, called ____. I read it and you may find it helpful.” You can post something like that. Without giving a direct link. If people are interested. They will simply google the title and author or copy and paste search it.
5  Sit down and write 10-50 kind of people, places you can reach with this book. All you’re doing is leaving clues. The title has got to be accurate and mention the authors name in this way they will download the correct book.
6  You can set up google alerts, for specific keywords in the title or subject. Then respond if you can. If it’s a forum inquiry, you can be the middle man and direct them to the book.
7  Set up a separate email just for all promotions and other kindle related affairs. This is just a suggesting.

At Your Service,

Midas Shaw