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What Freelancers Are Doing Wrong and How To Fix It

I really hate dealing with unprofessional idiots and jerks on Fiverr or any other freelance website. Here I am building a business. In the need of others services and talents to build a functioning entity. But along the way there are people who just want to make a buck or two with no vision in mind. I’m not bashing Fiverr because I have some great luck with some people on that site. But there are those who join or set up their services because it’s the low hanging fruit on the internet to make money.
But some are unprofessional. I have read and seen where people steal others work (which happened to me) on that site. It piss me off to know that one can work hard on a skill, then later on turn around find out that the person they hire has stolen their ideas or concept. This is a shameful act to say the least.

I know there are piranhas out there waiting to eat up your creative concept, but I mean come on. I hate feeling cheated on any project I worked hard on. Or hire a one freelancer to do one part of the project and the other part is stolen by another freelancer who supposed to do another part of same project.
Think of it this way. Here you are the head of this vision. You hire a concept artist to draw up the model, then you hire a developer to work on another part of the same project, finally you hire someone else to do the distribution. But the one who work on the development part steals your work or postpone the project due their immaturity and lack of professionalism.

Facing such a scenario is stressful enough because in the end you are losing profit. Every day the project is stalled that means that it’s a day of profit loss.
I wish some of these immature and unprofessional freelancers would get off these sites and work on another way to earn income or extra income on the side. Listen if you are a freelancer who wants to build a business online than take it seriously. People are coming to you for you to add your set of skills and know how to their projects.

You are a pinnacle part in someone becoming successful. You play a major part in a company staying in business. You play a major part in this new era of entrepreneurship. But if you are not going to take this role seriously then please bow out. Get out of the way of those who are serious of landing their gifts and talents to the many who are building businesses online and offline. So please get the heck off these websites. Close down your account and leave that space for those who are committed to making a positive different in others’ lives with the talents they offer.

Your lack of professionalism is hurting the real freelancers who are actually honest and do decent to great work. You are hurting it for everyone else. This reminds me back in the days when I was looking for an apartment. I had a dog and wanted to rent where dogs where permitted. Some land lords I spoke to said they use to allow pets in their buildings. But due to some owners who never trained their dogs let their dogs destroy the apartments. These landlords latter said “No Pets” allowed. All this because some irresponsible dog owner. Now this person ruins it for others who are responsible.

This is what an unprofessional freelancer does to the good ones who are responsible and professional.
Granted these websites like Fiverr and others have star rating to see the performance of a freelancer. But sometimes it’s a luck of the draw in spite of a good review. Because some start out good, then their rating begins to fall. This is a sure sign this person may have lost interest in the service they provide or just aren’t that good.

Since being on this journey I have encountered both superb freelancers and freelancers who weren’t worth the money for the service they provided. I know this was bound to happened but when you have a bad freelancer it just plainly sucks. Because you are counting on their time and talent to come through.

With all this being said these are some things you can take away from this. Hire high rating performers. (This may sound contradicting, but in the past I hired a Virtual Assistant who had no stars on Upwork, she was just starting out. And I gave her a chance. And by the grace of God she does a wonderful job on what I assign her. You can luck out like that a few times. But it’s far in between. This is where I trusted my instinct and ended with a great VA/freelancer.)

Look for freelancers who have a great body of testimonials. Look up the people who posted that review or gave the testimonial if you can. This will help you see if they are bias on some level. The extra step you can go to is to contact that person who left the positive testimonial. Asking questions like how was working with so and so? Hearing it from a more personal point of view will help you make a better decision in hiring the freelancer.

Look to see if that freelancer has declining ratings. We know as human beings some people performance starts to decline for various reasons. You don’t want to hire a freelancer who is or has lost interest in their work. Because you will pay for that loss and lack of passion in the long run. And it will show in the end user product or service they have provided.

Be upfront with what you want. I mean you are paying for that service. Be very descriptive to what you are looking for. Freelancers are good, but they are not mind readers. So being very descriptive to what you are looking to get done will help them. In the creative process.

For the freelancer: if you have to much work on your plate. Meaning if you have so much project in your queue then turn down the next coming few. Don’t try to do too much. Learn to say no. It’s okay. I know you may think it’s very competitive and take any orders that comes in. but if all the work you do is lack luster. People will leave a lack luster review. Hence hurting your reputation for quality work.

Be on time, or even earlier. Try to get the project done on time. It will give you a better rating. Not only that this will grant you repeated customers. I have rehired freelancers alone for this quality.

Do great work not just good work. This goes back to doing quality work for your client. And saying no to some inquiries.

Be professional. The way you communicate through whatever channel; Skype, text or email. Your language will be taking into consideration. Although you may be hired from Fiverr or Upwork don’t think that it’s just a nobody hiring you. Or someone who is looking for cheap service. Thinking that way will hurt how well you perform. You will give a lack luster output to your client. Instead think of who hires you as a multi-million dollar company. Having this mindset will help you give a much better output and performance. Attitude like this helps you build great relationships. Personally in the past I didn’t hire a Virtual Assistant because of her language. Where I was going with my business, her immaturity would have cause conflict. People who hire you are not looking to babysit you. They are paying you for your know how.

Go the extra mile. Napoleon Hill touch base on this in think and grow rich. Going the extra mile will grant you more access to great wealth. Going the extra mile will make you stand out of the bunch. Where others just do the bare minimum. Your work will stand out to other prospects. Also going the extra mile develop in you the skill-set of being in a positive mindset. You’ll start to attract more opportunities all the while doing them in a positive attitude.

These are some tips I would like you the buyer and the seller of freelance work to take away from.
In this new age of the New Rich, new entrepreneurs. We all are in the same ocean but in different boats. Consider what you have just read. Buyers be aware of the good freelancers and the bad ones. Sellers be aware of the people who are buying your services. We depend on you to help our business run just as much you depend on us to help you run your business. We need each other’s resources to make it in this online world of eCommerce. This is our marketplace, let’s work together for the common good. Because in the end it is the end user who will benefit from our collaboration.

At your service,

Midas Shaw

Friend Of Justice

“He will neither be a friend of injustice nor a foe of unrighteousness. His conscious must be clear, deliberate and sober. In this way he’ll lead many to triumph. He himself must be bathed in equality, soaked in righteousness and rinsed in fairness. This individual is you. With all the indifference within, he is still you.”—Midas Shaw

“Sometimes I lie awake with the concern and the fate of this nation, how it will deal with its prejudice. But no matter what conclusion I come up to. It is up to men to decide its fate. Great and small.

We are a young nation full of brisk and ingenuity. Given each a home to do as they please. But reckless we have become in our findings. Our nature is the very thing we use against ourselves. But alas, I do see a new day, a new dawning. Men with character, influence, tactical viewpoints will lead the way to a grandeur future. Standing on the shore, I can see great things—marvelous things.”—Midas Shaw

At your Service,
Midas Shaw

What Winners Do

Listen, I know you may feel alone in this world. With so much coming at you. You know you are on an important journey. No matter what happens I want you to believe in yourself. Even when you don’t see a way out. I want you to continue.

This gift you have. This hunger within that pulls you, that drives you. Yield to it. I know it can seem scary and a daunting task. But you can do it. Others have done it. I believe in you and always will. It’s your WILL to succeed that pulls on you. I know you see mediocrity all around you. And you want better. And you will get it, that’s why it seems difficult at times.

You have so much oppositions around you. These are just minor obstacles you can overcome. Really that’s all they are. Obstacles you can get over. Listen, no matter how hard things get just keep going. This is what winners do. Victory is nearer then you think.

At Your Service,

Midas Shaw