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Sell On eBay To Make Extra Money Today

Sell On eBay To Make Extra Money Today

Make extra money on the side through eBay selling platform.

If you are like me at some point in your life you’re going to want to make extra money to pay your bills. Thank God there is always an option to making extra income. You can sell on Amazon for one, you can mow lawns, you can start your own blog. There are tons of ways to earn extra income. But one thing I had overlooked was eBay.

eBay has been a God send. I know eBay is not new. But I have to admit eBay has helped me a lot. Many people sell on eBay, some do it full-time, some do it part-time and some do it as side income. As for me I do it for side income and part-time. If you know my story I’m all about having multiple streams of income and eBay is part of that vision.

If you have money issues then I suggest you sell on eBay. It’s a great way to pay off some bills or debts. eBay is fairly easy to do. You don’t need much knowledge in technology. You can do it all on your smart phone. Yes you read that right. Your smart phone can do it all. Because you can take pictures on it, you can list the item on it. And if you have a wireless printer you can even print your labels.

You can also use your tablet or PC to sell on eBay.

How I got started with eBay was by a total fluke. I was selling stuff on Amazon’s FBA model. I started to run out of cash to purchase new items to flip on Amazon. And some of the items I had bought I could not send to Amazon. So they were sitting around my apartment. (mostly books)

I devise a plan to sell them on eBay in order to get capital to build my FBA business. But faith stepped in and through my selling on eBay, I fell in love with it.

One item I sold that made me a believer was a Drum training DVD set. I bought it at a church tag sale for $15.00 I wasn’t able to sell it on Amazon because I was restricted to sell DVD’s.

So I list it on eBay and it sold for $40.00. after that sell I was hooked. I listed everything I thought could sell on eBay. Everything I couldn’t sell on Amazon I flipped on eBay.

I turned in to YouTube to learn more about eBay. From December to April I have been an avid learner on how eBay works. From where to source to how to go through getting a listing up and running to shipping the sold item.

I was fortunate to have a scale and poly-bags I used to start my FBA biz. This make money online sell on eBayshipping scale¬†(Accuteck ShipPro)¬†has been a life saver in getting the correct weights for items to list on eBay. It’s easy to use and you can use it with an ac adapter or just plain old batteries. You can carry it around your house or office. I love the mobility aspect. When you decide to sell on eBay, this is a must have scale for your business. It solves all your shipping issues.

Because I already had started with Amazon FBA, it was an easy transition to do eBay.

If you want to diversify your income. Then I would suggest you do eBay.¬†Granted it’s not for everyone, it is a lot of work. But imagine going to a thrift store buying something for a $1 and selling it for $20-$40. It’s a great income stream if you ask me. You’d be surprise at what sells on eBay and how much money you can make. The best thing is that you have an abundant of places to find items to sell on eBay.

If you want to get started on eBay I highly suggest this book to get you started. make money online sell on eBayThis book explains from start to finish how to get started. It’s like having someone holding your hand through the whole process.

Again this is a great ride to discover how to have multiple streams of income. Hope you are enjoying your journey, enjoy your hustle most importantly enjoy the journey.

At your service Samuel Augustin