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Hi, my name is Samuel, I am an entrepreneur, a self-publishing author, fitness enthusiast and philosopher. A few years ago I was laid off, the company I worked for decided to close its East Coast facility and focus on profits made in the South and the West coast. Leaving me unemployed, I struck out to make something of myself. In over two decades of my work history, a total of three companies I have worked for ended up closing or relocating. The last straw was the company I mentioned who closed their facility on the East Coast.

Being a hard worker, and seeing how a big company can just close their doors or relocate leaving me and numerous faithful workers at the mercy of the unemployment line. I decided enough is enough. I got tired of being sick and tired. I was fed up with leaving my financial future in another man’s hands. And so I began my journey as an entrepreneur. In my pursuit I have faced many defeats yet with tons of victories. I always say, “Entrepreneurship is an entire different kind of animal. Some days you have no clue of what color it might change into.”

You may be wondering am I a millionaire. I would say to that question, that is the end goal. How about the name? “Third shift millionaire” the name came about while working overnight and seeking passive income and it has a second meaning which is to make money while you sleep, hence the name “third shift millionaire.”

As the fame Tim Ferris wrote in his ground breaking book The 4-Hour Work Week, about not trading your hours for dollars. I too agree with this new concept of making a living without the 9-5 or in my case the 12am to 8 am grind.

Why should you read this blog: it’s perfect for you if you want to get out of the 12am to 8am graveyard shift? There are better ways to earn a living. If you are tired of the cooperate ladder or you are tired of wasting your time building someone else’s business. Even if you are finally ready to put to good use your God giving talent this blog will help you. If you finally want to have time to spend with your family this blog is for you. I will share with you the ways I’ve discovered to make money online.

Whether you just want to make side income or replace your job entirely this blog will show you ways to tap into your inner millionaire. No longer will you work overnight grinding at the stone, but rather your money will be doing the grinding for you.

So far I’ve been able to personally write two books; my first book is called Unbound Faith Lessons of Love faith and Revelations. It’s a daily devotional and the second is The Common Law of Money a money A Practical Guide To Your Finances. A principle that changed my life and how I view money. In its simplicity a wealth of knowledge can be learned from that book.

As you read some old post you will see they were written by “Midas Shaw” which you can read as to why here

If you’ve reach a point in your life where you figure there’s got to be a better way to make money. Then you’ve come to the right place. You can start making money online easily with this program. (This is an affiliate site so if you buy the course I get a small commission)

I don’t know exactly what brought you here, but I do know you want something different. Maybe you just need inspiration or motivation. One thing I do know is that you are sick and tired of being sick and tired. Well if I can make money online, you can too. Its not that hard. Really it’s not that hard. All you need is an internet connection and sheer grit to get stuff done. The rest is fairly easy. So stick around. You will learn a thing or two to get going earning money online.

At your service,

Samuel A.