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How These Two Lessons Can Revolutionize Your Business

How These Two Lessons Can Revolutionize Your Business

In one of my blog post I recommended reading Robert Kiyosaki book CashFlow Quadrant. In that post I shared an excerpt from that book about the story of Ed and Bill. I couldn’t stop thinking about that story. So here are some key takeaways you can learn from. Before you read today’s post, I suggest you read this first. It will help you understand what I’m talking about here. After you’ve read that blog post. Then you can come back here.

Here are some very important lessons we can learn from both Bill and Ed’s approach to an opportunity. Read more…

A Must Watch Interview With Bob Proctor

Being an entrepreneur you need to watch valuable, inspiring teachings. I love to read great books that help me to become a better person and view great content.

Most successful people surround themselves with great minds in order to sharpen their skills.

Recently on my YouTube suggested recommended video feed. This popped up.

It’s a superb interview with the legend Bob Proctor. Read more…

Read CashFlow Quadrant Book To Attain Financial Freedom

Read CashFlow Quadrant Book To Attain Financial Freedom

One of the reason I believe most people are successful is due to the materials they read, the webinars they attend. The conventions, and associating with like-minded people. As you know my journey to financial freedom is taking speed. I am sure yours is also.

On my journey I came across this wonderful book by Robert Kiyosaki. The famed author of Rich Dad Poor Dad. Which I owe many thanks to in changing my mindset and life on how to really view money at least how to earn and spend it. In Rich Dad Poor Dad I learn what a real asset is vs a liability. His expounding on that really removed the blinders for me.

But this post is about his other book, CashFlow Quadrant. if you are starting out on your journey to financial freedom or financial literacy I suggest you pick this book up. I will include an excerpt of his book. This is another great powerful story that will give you a more understanding of how the right mindset (approach) can help you be more successful with your finances and opportunities. Read more…

Don’t Throw In The Towel-Quitters Never Win And Winners Never Quit

Don’t Throw In The Towel-Quitters Never Win And Winners Never Quit

Sometimes doubts creeps in. Sales are low, bills to pay, other personal life issues needs attention.

I know being an entrepreneur can be a roller-coaster ride. More like an emotional roller-coaster ride.

Some days I feel like, “what on earth am I doing”. “Maybe I should quit ” or get a full-time job and settle like everyone else.

But when I think about the last three years of how much I’ve learned and how much I’ve grown because of this journey. Getting a regular full-time job would literally be crazy.

Even though I’m not exactly making what I want to make. I know I’m getting there. But to go backward would be unwise. Read more…

Get The Experience: You Won’t Know Unless You Try

Get The Experience: You Won’t Know Unless You Try

Sometimes you maybe bombarded with doubts or information overload.

You find yourself paralyze, not knowing which step to take first.

I’m here to tell you sometimes you just have to jump in to get the experience.

It’s not about failing, its not about making it. It’s about getting your feet wet. It’s all about stepping out of your comfort zone. Its about getting a feel for what you’re going after. It’s about tasting that first taste.

That’s what it’s all about. To many entrepreneurs over think things. Listen to too many “gurus” and yet never go out to at least try.

To at least launch their product or services.

This is very sad. You may be sitting on a $0 idea or a $1,000,000.00 idea. But you will never know because you doubt or over think things.

I say launch into the deep and get the experience.

Getting the experience will teach you more than you realize.

It’s in the form of collecting data. Seeing what your audience wants, discovering your strength and weaknesses. Discovering new ways to serve your market.

But you won’t know unless you step out to get the experience.

Listen don’t over think it. Don’t complicate the situation. Don’t complicate this opportunity. Just keep it simple and like Nike, “Just Do It”

Get the experience. Its not gonna kill you.

And if you should fail, so what. Learn the lesson from it and move on. Its really that simple. It may take you a day or a month to recover. But at least you will recover. You will have the experience. Most importantly you will know what works and what doesn’t.

So get out there and get the experience.

Your fellow entrepreneur, Samuel Augustin