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If you think you can’t do it. If you have doubts about getting in business. If the excuse is you don’t have any money to start. If you are afraid you’ll fail. Or if you are afraid of success. Whatever your thought process is. I want you to really watch and listen to this guy on this video. His advice really change the course of my life. I mean it is very simple and profound. That advice I find it to be 100% true.

I mean I got into the kindle book publishing business model, then the FBA business model, and only God knows what else I’ll be getting into. So listen to this simple advice. I only hope it impacts you and inspire you to take action.

I came across this YouTube video when I was struggling with how to start. I was stuck on the research phase, which crippled me from taking actions until I saw this video. I was researching how to promote eBooks, how to find good niches, how to create a website. How to do this and that. I read every inspirational articles, books I can get my hands on. I watch countless webinars, YouTube motivational and business channels. I listened to numerous podcasts. All in all I was taking very little action. Yes all these things are great, but they are passive to say the least. After watching this particular video I dove in taking action. It is simple, yet effective. Sometimes it’s the simple things that gets stuff done right?

I must say I am not promoting this guy’s work or am I an affiliate of his. I just simply love this vid he posted. Till this day I find myself taking action because of how simple and clever this message is.

I hope you got the point. Now go and just start. That’s all you have to do and the rest of the pathway will open up to you. Just like it did for me and so many others.

Delighted to be of service,

Samuel A.


If you want to start with a easy business model try this method. As long as you start, that is the biggest improvement you can do for yourself. Any business model you have in mind, just start it today to begin the process of having new business ideas and opportunities appear before your very eyes.