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Sell On eBay To Make Extra Money Today

Sell On eBay To Make Extra Money Today

Make extra money on the side through eBay selling platform.

If you are like me at some point in your life you’re going to want to make extra money to pay your bills. Thank God there is always an option to making extra income. You can sell on Amazon for one, you can mow lawns, you can start your own blog. There are tons of ways to earn extra income. But one thing I had overlooked was eBay.

eBay has been a God send. I know eBay is not new. But I have to admit eBay has helped me a lot. Many people sell on eBay, some do it full-time, some do it part-time and some do it as side income. As for me I do it for side income and part-time. If you know my story I’m all about having multiple streams of income and eBay is part of that vision.

If you have money issues then I suggest you sell on eBay. It’s a great way to pay off some bills or debts. eBay is fairly easy to do. You don’t need much knowledge in technology. You can do it all on your smart phone. Yes you read that right. Your smart phone can do it all. Because you can take pictures on it, you can list the item on it. And if you have a wireless printer you can even print your labels.

You can also use your tablet or PC to sell on eBay.

How I got started with eBay was by a total fluke. I was selling stuff on Amazon’s FBA model. I started to run out of cash to purchase new items to flip on Amazon. And some of the items I had bought I could not send to Amazon. So they were sitting around my apartment. (mostly books)

I devise a plan to sell them on eBay in order to get capital to build my FBA business. But faith stepped in and through my selling on eBay, I fell in love with it.

One item I sold that made me a believer was a Drum training DVD set. I bought it at a church tag sale for $15.00 I wasn’t able to sell it on Amazon because I was restricted to sell DVD’s.

So I list it on eBay and it sold for $40.00. after that sell I was hooked. I listed everything I thought could sell on eBay. Everything I couldn’t sell on Amazon I flipped on eBay.

I turned in to YouTube to learn more about eBay. From December to April I have been an avid learner on how eBay works. From where to source to how to go through getting a listing up and running to shipping the sold item.

I was fortunate to have a scale and poly-bags I used to start my FBA biz. This make money online sell on eBayshipping scale (Accuteck ShipPro) has been a life saver in getting the correct weights for items to list on eBay. It’s easy to use and you can use it with an ac adapter or just plain old batteries. You can carry it around your house or office. I love the mobility aspect. When you decide to sell on eBay, this is a must have scale for your business. It solves all your shipping issues.

Because I already had started with Amazon FBA, it was an easy transition to do eBay.

If you want to diversify your income. Then I would suggest you do eBay. Granted it’s not for everyone, it is a lot of work. But imagine going to a thrift store buying something for a $1 and selling it for $20-$40. It’s a great income stream if you ask me. You’d be surprise at what sells on eBay and how much money you can make. The best thing is that you have an abundant of places to find items to sell on eBay.

If you want to get started on eBay I highly suggest this book to get you started. make money online sell on eBayThis book explains from start to finish how to get started. It’s like having someone holding your hand through the whole process.

Again this is a great ride to discover how to have multiple streams of income. Hope you are enjoying your journey, enjoy your hustle most importantly enjoy the journey.

At your service Samuel Augustin




Any time in history you find yourself at a place and begin to wonder how did you get here. Discover my journey how I got here. I will break this post into a weekly story for you to follow along. Find a quite spot and join me as I tell you a tale of my ups and down and how you can benefit from the victories I’ve won.

I began this journey back in 2011.  My pastor mentioned multiple streams of income during a Wednesday night Bible class, for some reason that piqued my interest. I was working as a dishwasher at the time and also for a temp agency. You can see I had my hands full. After hearing the term “multiple streams of income” I wanted to find out more what this whole thing meant. At the time another word was being tossed around in my head, “Intellectual Properties” I knew it related to CD, Music and books.

Due to my keen interest in establishing a multiple stream of income life style, I took a side gig to make extra cash. It was held at a hotel. And the presenter said that to write down everyone you know name on a piece of paper. He said these people can be on your team. Tell them about the opportunity we just told you about and have them start selling …. Of course I knew what this was. A Ponzi scheme or pyramid scheme. Where you are asked to sell or ask people to join your team (recruit). I didn’t like that business model and I opt out.

Another opportunity came with selling energy packets. Where I would go door to door and have people sign up to lower their electricity. That company gave me my own back office (my own personal website) to see how many people I signed up. This one seemed legit because I did get paid for the people who signed on. Upon one of my travels I witness two different companies doing the same thing. Young man and women were going door to door to get these people to opt-in to their services. I did loss a few to them. So I came to a conclusion this was not the business model I wanted to do. Plus I didn’t have a car. And it was not pleasant walking in the heat of summer.

With these attempts I still wanted to have a multiple stream of income. Money that comes in regularly like clockwork. My train of thought was this. If a company can charge you for a recurring service I should have a system to pay for that service automatically.

For example my phone bill was at the time $30.00 a month I wanted to have a digital product that people would automatically purchase. And that payment would pay for my phone bill. The goal was to have a credit card that I fund a set amount of money that is used mostly for bills and nothing else.

As I continued to seek out new ways to make money, I had become a certified personal trainer since 2007. So I decided to use my expertise. I took my personal training business on the road, training friends and new clients at various locations. By now I had my truck and loaded it with training equipment fiton_the_go_image. It did pay off.

But I still had to be present in order to make a sale. I do love personal training. But I wanted a better way to make money. That didn’t require me to be there physically.

In spring 2011 I landed a personal training job at a private gym. This was my dream job. I couldn’t believe I was getting paid for doing what I love. This was a dream come true, helping people lose weight and building their life from a healthy state. With this great new venture a dark cloud came in the form of me leaving my other job. In July 2011 I walked out of my dishwasher job, there was a misunderstanding between me and a new manager so I quit (okay it was more like I was fired).

Fast forward to 2013 the gym I was working for closed down. I was distraught. I made a lot of good friends and great clients within those two years. So I set out to train on my own again. As I was going passing out flyers to gain new clients. My old employer from the gym called and said the gym will be opened back up again. A week later I went back to working as a personal trainer at the same gym. Things looked good, I started a project where I would record myself working out and later would publish that on YouTube as a training guide due to my success in winning at bodybuilding shows.winning pose- bodybuilding

I continued with my new goal in mind. After I trained my clients I would stay late close to closing time to record my workouts and document my diet and daily routines. But two months in after the gym reopened it closed again. I was devastated. I became very discouraged and lost my momentum. I put my fitness journey project on the shelf. Not knowing how or if I’ll continue it.

I became very depressed, during that time I was looking for work even with my spirit being in the dumps.

By the grace of God I still had work from time to time with the temp agency. God would have it that a job from the temp agency was looking for full-time workers. And my name came up. I was highly recommended for the job. The company would hire a worker for full-time based on attendance and performance and after a 90 days trial. I worked hard to make a good impression so I could get the job full-time. When my 90 days came up. I ask if they would consider me full-time. Now this is the funny sad part.

There were three supervisors. Each gave me the run around. One told me I need to talk to this one, and another told me they need to talk to this person. This went on for about two weeks. I got tired of the playing around and I made a meeting to talk to the main boss. I told him that I’m very interesting in staying with the company and that I was told after 90 days I would get the job permanently. He shook my hand and gave me the job based on my attendance and work performance.

…stay tuned, next week to find out what happened with this new job. And how I made my first dollars online and how you can too.

Always at your service,

Samuel A.

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Midas Shaw: I chose the name Midas Shaw for various reasons; Midas the name Midas came from Greek Mythology of king Midas, who turned everything he touched into gold. I like that story of how someone can take any ordinary thing and make it prosper and make it valuable to others. I know the story ends badly for Midas, but I’ll just learn to keep God first in my life so I can ward of any signs of greed.

The name Shaw in particular was due to the movie the Shawshank Redemption. In this movie the actor Tim Robbins portrayed Andy Dufrense who is sentenced to two life terms in prison for the murder of his wife and her lover. The thing is Andy is innocent. In the movie he befriends Red, played by Morgan Freeman. Andy faced some major pain in prison, somehow he befriends the warden of the prison, but the warden just used up Andy’s knowledge and skills to do his dirty work.

One faithful day Andy happened to knock a hole in his cell by mistake. The wall was very brittle, he then covered it with a pin-up poster. Every day when the lights go out and the rest of the prison is asleep Andy is digging his way out.

Some times past and a new inmate came into the prison system. Once again Andy befriends him. Andy is shock to find that this same prisoner knows who killed his wife and her lover. Andy tells the warden he found someone to testify on his behalf to proof his innocent. The warden seem reluctant, but later says he’ll hear the guy out. So the warden takes this new inmate to the court yard late at night and questions him. The inmate says yes he knew who the real killer is, and he can help proof Andy’s innocent. The warden ask, does anyone else know you know. The inmate said he’s the only one and he is certain of who it is, because the guy who killed Andy’s wife and lover bragged about doing it.

In the court yard the warden takes a step back away from the inmate, and bang. One of the prison guards shoots him.

The thing is the warden was becoming rich of Andy, because of the schemes he was running. He didn’t want to have Andy proved innocent and lose all the money Andy was making him.

When Andy found out about his new friend and would be witness was shot. Andy was enraged. He knew that was his only hope to proving his innocent.

So Andy did the best thing he could, he dug himself out through that brittle wall, plus all the money he was laundering for the warden, Andy had created an fictitious name so the warden would never get caught and there would be no trace of what was going on.

After Andy escaped used the fake name he created and the money he stored up, he took with him.

The point of the name Shaw represents the fact that in this life we are innocent of many of the things we’ve come into. Like Andy he was innocent and not a murderer. So I took that name as a symbol to represent that I, you as well have been duped to believe we are poor, we have been falsely accused to think we are less than, and deserve less than life has to offer.

I wanted to break out of the lie of being poor and broke. So the name Shaw reminds me of redemption. Redeemed from lack, redeemed from anything lesser than God created me to be.

One key note from the movie was what Andy said to Red, “Get busy dying or get busy living.” So I chose to get busy living. Hence Midas Shaw and this blog Third Shift Millionaire.

At your service

Samuel A.

How To Not Let Life Screw You Over

How To Not Let Life Screw You Over

One of the reasons you are at the mercy of life is because you lack direction.  Napoleon Hill said it best, definiteness of purpose. Having a purpose gives you direction, an aim, a target to shoot towards. You don’t want to drift through life on every whim and whistle.

I was caught in this maze of no direction. I use to get involve in things I had no business getting involved in. Things that didn’t serve me what so ever. I wasted time to please people, I wasted time doing things I knew darn well I didn’t have nor want to do.

Once I started taking personal responsibility and ownership of my time. Things changed. No I changed. Now I’m so adamant about guarding my time.

It all comes down to having a clear purpose. A clear direction of what you want, more so who you want to become.

My purpose is a driving force to do this blog and start online businesses to make a difference. This purpose has blessed me to not fear failure rather put my neck on the line. I’ve been bless to write books and don’t care what the critics say.

So how do you get to this level?


It’s that simple.

Your choice could be not to be broke one more day of your life. Your choice could be to be a better man, a better father. Or it could be to not be in dysfunctional relationship. Whatever your choice is It will form a foundation to your purpose driven life.

But you have to come to that cross road. I can’t make you do it. Your mom can’t make you do it; your girl can’t make you do it. You have to do it. Plain and simple!

For me that decision came after I was let go from an employer in 2013. I had it. That was it, I got sick and tired of being laid off from jobs when I showed up on time and did my work. I got tired of putting my financial life in a company. I got tired of the rug being swept right from under me. Instead of getting bitter I decided to become better. I set out to learn new skills to become an indispensable asset to myself and others.

Sometimes life has to knock you upside your head to show you there’s a better way.


Here are some tips to help you get there.


  1. Wake up with a plan. Never go to sleep without writing down tomorrow’s goals. Write down exactly what you have to do and what you want to do. This is not a to-do list. This is a purpose list. This list should guide you towards your grand plan, your definiteness of purpose. For example if you want to make $50 a day online. What do you need to create to make this come true? What is the market crying for that you can provide? Answer these questions then break down the answers into small chunks and do them daily. Whatever you want to achieve, WRITE IT DOWN. Don’t leave it bouncing in your head. Jot it down. Ask good questions of what you need to do. Also what you can do to make it happen.
  2. Do not be a floater in life. Do not just sit back and let life pass you by. Trust me regret is the worst thing you could ever befriend. Regret will eat you up inside. Regret will make you wish you were dead. Regret will make you want to blame everyone. Regret is the worst friend in the world. Regrets sister is procrastination. Procrastination, she’ll tell you to do it later. She’ll tell you, you’ve got enough time. She is a liar and a robber of your talent and youth. Do not listen to her. Regret, and procrastination big brother is Fear. Fear introduced you to procrastination. He told you to listen to her and when you did. She introduced you to regret. These three are the worst kind of friends.You need to become friends with faith and belief. Belief always encourages you. He always has your back and helps you believe in yourself, believe in your dreams. Faith always trust in you. She always knows you can do it. So listen up.
  3. Get a plan for your life. Become the person you know you truly are. Screw the naysayers and haters. Focus on who you want to become. Focus on where you want to go. Focus on the life you want your family to have. Find that thing that drives you. Let it fuel your every waking hour.
  4. Another great reason to get a purpose is to avoid trouble. What I mean by trouble is that you will be so focused that drama, people’s problems won’t bother you. You’ll be able to avoid all the chaos that goes on in someone else’s life when you are purpose driven. It doesn’t matter if the sky turns pink. You’ll be so focus to accomplish your desired outcome it won’t faze you. Thinking this way keep your line on a clear path. If people, places, things don’t line up with your end game. You just have to let it not concern you. Everyone is given the same 24 hour in a day, 365 days a year. What you do with yours is the only thing that matters. Only noisy and people who don’t have a plan get busy getting in others peoples business. You are not that type. You are the type that gets stuff done, period.

If you haven’t found a desired purpose yet. Stick around this blog. Continue to read and look for answers. Most importantly if I held a gun to your head what one thing you wished you’d done? That answer is a starting point. Now go and just do it

At your service and here to guide you,

Samuel Augustin



If you think you can’t do it. If you have doubts about getting in business. If the excuse is you don’t have any money to start. If you are afraid you’ll fail. Or if you are afraid of success. Whatever your thought process is. I want you to really watch and listen to this guy on this video. His advice really change the course of my life. I mean it is very simple and profound. That advice I find it to be 100% true.

I mean I got into the kindle book publishing business model, then the FBA business model, and only God knows what else I’ll be getting into. So listen to this simple advice. I only hope it impacts you and inspire you to take action.

I came across this YouTube video when I was struggling with how to start. I was stuck on the research phase, which crippled me from taking actions until I saw this video. I was researching how to promote eBooks, how to find good niches, how to create a website. How to do this and that. I read every inspirational articles, books I can get my hands on. I watch countless webinars, YouTube motivational and business channels. I listened to numerous podcasts. All in all I was taking very little action. Yes all these things are great, but they are passive to say the least. After watching this particular video I dove in taking action. It is simple, yet effective. Sometimes it’s the simple things that gets stuff done right?

I must say I am not promoting this guy’s work or am I an affiliate of his. I just simply love this vid he posted. Till this day I find myself taking action because of how simple and clever this message is.

I hope you got the point. Now go and just start. That’s all you have to do and the rest of the pathway will open up to you. Just like it did for me and so many others.

Delighted to be of service,

Samuel A.


If you want to start with a easy business model try this method. As long as you start, that is the biggest improvement you can do for yourself. Any business model you have in mind, just start it today to begin the process of having new business ideas and opportunities appear before your very eyes.

How To Meet Your Customers’ Needs

How To Meet Your Customers’ Needs


Putting yourself out there isn’t easy especially if you are shy and on the introverted side. Being an introvert I know I prefer to be in the background. Working on my crafts and gifts. But there comes a time when the world needs you to be upfront. It can be very uncomfortable, very uneasy and nerve racking. Yet because of what you have to offer can add value to others you have to set aside your fears and doubts.

Anytime you are required to do something out of your comfort zone, anxiety is at the forefront. But because of who you’ll help and who you’ll impact. Fear and anxiety seems to not matter much more. I know for me I have faced fear time and time again. Even at my local church when I am called to pray out loud to open up service or to baptize someone. But because I know I am there to serve I put aside my hesitancy in order to meet the needs of the people.

When you are starting a business I find that it is very much similar. There comes a time you have to set your fears aside and meet the needs of the people. The product or service you provide is what people are thirsty and hungry for. Their lives will be much better the sooner you put your service or product out there.

One of the most crippling fact about fear is the comparison theory. Comparing yourself to others is one of the most dangerous tool out there that keeps you in the dugout. It’s your time to bat, but you are too busy comparing yourself to someone else, and you lose the edge to compete or even play.

The way to not let this hinder you is to be YOU. Yes, no one can do what you do. You have a certain way about you that no one can duplicate or imitate. So put yourself out there. This plays in the ‘rule of 7th times” if you can hold on to this rule you will always beat fear or comparing yourself to others.

What is the rule of 7th times? well the rule of 7th times is that someone can hear a message in all their lives or read a book, or watch a movie or read a blog post or any content for that matter. But on the 7th time they hear it or read it they finally get it. What I’m saying is you can be someone’s 7th time.

Your product or service can be that person 7th time. When they finally get it, you win a new customer/client. This is why persistence is key.

So next time you feel like you can’t compete, think of it that you may be that persons 7th time.

Remember why you are in business, to meet the needs of the people. You can’t let fear stop you from serving them. You are unique and have a unique spin on what you are offering. Therefore put aside fear and do it anyways. Meet your customers’ needs let your product or service change their lives. Add value to their lives and you will be rewarded handsomely.

Remember no one can do what you do. Not the way you do it. Put it out there, like Jesus said, “Put out into the deep water and let down your nets for a catch.” (NAS Luke 5:4)

It’s my pleasure to serve you

Samuel Augustin