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Why Age Is At Your Side: How To Make The Most Of Your Years

Why Age Is At Your Side: How To Make The Most Of Your Years

Getting older is a part of life. We all age and get older. If you are like me as you age you look at life from a different stand point. You maybe leaving behind your twenties or thirties even forties. And you start to wonder; What now?

You’ve got a few decades under you. You may have children or maybe divorce. Except now you’re looking to up the ante. You’re not 20 any more. Your thirties are gone and now you wonder whats next? What about this new decade coming up? How do you make the most of it? This is a good question to ask yourself. Time is always moving forward even if you’re looking back. To time the past is the past. Time only moves forward and lives in the present.

This new decade you are entering could be a great decade or a miserable 10 years. Its up to you to shape it. When it comes to your money you have to know you’re at the half way mark now in life. There’s certain things you can’t get involved in any longer. There’s certain relationships you either have to mend and there are those you have to let go.

In either case the decision you make should serve you short term and long term. In your 40’s you have a good amount of knowledge and experience under your belt. The generation behind you can benefit greatly from your life’s wisdom and experience. The many ups and downs. The defeats and victories.

The generation behind you are at a lost. Yes they are at a lost. They may have the greatest technology to date. The latest gadgets. But they lack strong leadership. They lack stories of people who overcame what they are secretly struggling with. I believe you are the leader they need in their lives to shine the light in which path to take.

Your life experiences could be the very key that sets them free. We both have this in common; Experience and Knowledge.

Putting these two together has been and always will be instrumental. This can lead the next generation into a bright future.

Your years of experience should not go to waste nor unheard. You have something to offer this world. Your many pains of lost, pain of rejections these pain can be use to guide the next generation, by the lessons you’ve learn from them. By how they have groomed you. By how they have made you resilient. These are the characteristic the next generation need to glean from.

It’s not always your financial report you flash they need to see or your latest “toys”. But rather the intrinsic, non-cognitive skills they need help with.

I recently read about people who are in there 40’s who are going under job training to re-enter or reestablish new careers. And some feel like they can’t compete with the youths. Yet as I read that article my train of thought was competition should not be the mindset, rather sharing their experience and knowledge should be the focal point.

What about you? Your years of knowledge and experience. Do you dismiss them and think only “I’m getting too old?” “I can’t compete with these kids!”

Don’t see your age as a disadvantage. It’s an advantage. You have years of knowledge to teach the young. There’s always someone you can impart your wisdom unto. It’s a form of leaving a legacy. Your years of experience can save someone years even decades of heartaches and pain. I know not all will listen to you, but I believe there are always a few who learn well from others. My friend you can be that persons teacher. they can be your pupil. Don’t think of you getting older as a bad thing. Think of it as 40, or 50 years of experience.

Think of the verse in the Bible with the master who handed out the talents to three of his servants. One buried his. And the master called him evil, in other words unprofitable servant. Your years of experience are profitable. Don’t bury them.

You’ve got to find a way to cultivate this new decade of your life. Like I said this is the half way mark (not to sound negative) our life expectancy is about 80 years give or take. So this next half of your life engage it with brevity and courage. Do away with things you no longer enjoy. Hate to be the bearer of bad news. But your clock is winding down. Share what you’ve learned thus far. You can start in your own community or home. If you want to blog about it, this maybe good for you.

Remember to use the rest of your time wisely. Impart your knowledge and experience on the next generation to have a lasting impact on them. Remember you’re never to old to change a life.

Glad to be of service, Samuel Augustin.

How Hating Your Job Can Be Good For You

How Hating Your Job Can Be Good For You


I’ll admit it sometimes I hate my job. Some days I just don’t want to go in. It’s not the people, but the job itself.
Have you ever felt that way? You hate your job or dislike some portion of it and going in just plain sucks.
Well you’re not alone. There are hundreds of people who hate or dislike their jobs. But the sad thing is only a handful of them are doing something about it.


quit 9-5 I hate my job
As for me, I use that as fuel. Disliking your should job give you fuel to work on finding ways to better yourself. The truth is just knowing you have to report to work. Should make you work harder and smarter on your business and yourself.

Because when you increase your worth. No matter where you go or end up you will always bring something more than the next guy or gal. Time has always proved that, countless people in history have proven this. People like Robert Kiyosaki-author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, Steve Jobs, Les Brown, Oprah Winfrey and many others.

Whether you hate your job or not. The thing is you must work on doing better for yourself. It may not be easy, it may take time. But work at it. Don’t let the days, months, years go by with you becoming a disgruntled jaded worker. Put your hands to the plow, put your mind to work to better yourself and your life in general.

Like I said only a handful of people are working on something meaningful. The rest just nag and complain about how “this job suck” how they are being treated. Yet do very little about it. Upper management don’t care about your crying. Some don’t even want to be at that job either. So why don’t you quit your belly aching and do something about it.

Use the fire of not wanting that job as fuel to build your own business or go back to school. No one is going to say, “Here, I heard how much you hate your job, here is a golden ticket to paradise.” No one is going to do that but YOU. Yes you. You hold the key to changing your world. You hold that mighty key and that winning ticket. Not your boss, not the government, no one but YOU.
Do you know that fire is both good and bad? Fire can burn a house down, yet it can heat it up. Fire can cook your food, yet it can cook you to.



Sadly too many people are letting their fire burn them instead of using their fire to build them.
The choice is yours. You can either keep yapping and complaining about the job you hate or you can create a business you love.

This is the information age where at your finger tips you can learn anything your hearts desire and become proficient at it.

So why not use your hate for your job to ignite the fuel you need?
Before you go to work on that job do something daily (everyday) towards bettering yourself.
Do one thing today towards your business. Anything. Sometimes you gotta win inch by inch. An inch today is better than no inch at all. Here are some other things you can do right now.
1. Keep reading and learning about your new venture.
2. Watch the experts in your field.
3. Read blog post to be knowledgeable.
4. Go to your local library, barrow books on a given subject.
5. Engage with your audience on social media to be up to date.
Read books about your new venture. The more knowledge the better.




All these will steer you in the right direction. Don’t be that guy who ten or twenty years have gone by hating his job and his life.
Be the guy who gets out with a plan, and a good source of income who lives a meaningful life.
The choice is always yours.
Like the famous quote goes, “Get living or get busy dying”
Till next time
At your service always
Samuel Augustin.

Sell On eBay To Make Extra Money Today

Sell On eBay To Make Extra Money Today

Make extra money on the side through eBay selling platform.

If you are like me at some point in your life you’re going to want to make extra money to pay your bills. Thank God there is always an option to making extra income. You can sell on Amazon for one, you can mow lawns, you can start your own blog. There are tons of ways to earn extra income. But one thing I had overlooked was eBay.

eBay has been a God send. I know eBay is not new. But I have to admit eBay has helped me a lot. Many people sell on eBay, some do it full-time, some do it part-time and some do it as side income. As for me I do it for side income and part-time. If you know my story I’m all about having multiple streams of income and eBay is part of that vision.

If you have money issues then I suggest you sell on eBay. It’s a great way to pay off some bills or debts. eBay is fairly easy to do. You don’t need much knowledge in technology. You can do it all on your smart phone. Yes you read that right. Your smart phone can do it all. Because you can take pictures on it, you can list the item on it. And if you have a wireless printer you can even print your labels.

You can also use your tablet or PC to sell on eBay.

How I got started with eBay was by a total fluke. I was selling stuff on Amazon’s FBA model. I started to run out of cash to purchase new items to flip on Amazon. And some of the items I had bought I could not send to Amazon. So they were sitting around my apartment. (mostly books)

I devise a plan to sell them on eBay in order to get capital to build my FBA business. But faith stepped in and through my selling on eBay, I fell in love with it.

One item I sold that made me a believer was a Drum training DVD set. I bought it at a church tag sale for $15.00 I wasn’t able to sell it on Amazon because I was restricted to sell DVD’s.

So I list it on eBay and it sold for $40.00. after that sell I was hooked. I listed everything I thought could sell on eBay. Everything I couldn’t sell on Amazon I flipped on eBay.

I turned in to YouTube to learn more about eBay. From December to April I have been an avid learner on how eBay works. From where to source to how to go through getting a listing up and running to shipping the sold item.

I was fortunate to have a scale and poly-bags I used to start my FBA biz. This make money online sell on eBayshipping scale (Accuteck ShipPro) has been a life saver in getting the correct weights for items to list on eBay. It’s easy to use and you can use it with an ac adapter or just plain old batteries. You can carry it around your house or office. I love the mobility aspect. When you decide to sell on eBay, this is a must have scale for your business. It solves all your shipping issues.

Because I already had started with Amazon FBA, it was an easy transition to do eBay.

If you want to diversify your income. Then I would suggest you do eBay. Granted it’s not for everyone, it is a lot of work. But imagine going to a thrift store buying something for a $1 and selling it for $20-$40. It’s a great income stream if you ask me. You’d be surprise at what sells on eBay and how much money you can make. The best thing is that you have an abundant of places to find items to sell on eBay.

If you want to get started on eBay I highly suggest this book to get you started. make money online sell on eBayThis book explains from start to finish how to get started. It’s like having someone holding your hand through the whole process.

Again this is a great ride to discover how to have multiple streams of income. Hope you are enjoying your journey, enjoy your hustle most importantly enjoy the journey.

At your service Samuel Augustin

Trust Your Gut It Never Lies!

Trust Your Gut It Never Lies!

Go where the flame is burning. When you have a fire in your belly and its directing you. When it fuels you. When it pulls on you. When it pushes you. Submit to it.
Most people will tell you other wise. Most people will pull on you, telling you to do this, try that. Sign up for this. Volunteer for that. But deep in your gut you know there’s a quite storm. A roaring flame that just won’t let up. Your own fire. Your own voice. This is the one you listen to and follow, screw all the other ones. They are just distractions. If you heed these distractions. If you listen and follow after these distractions you will forever regret it. You will lose months if not years of your life. Time you may never be able to claim back.
So when that fire is burning in your gut. When that fire is guiding you. Just listen. Trust me, just listen to it. That fire of ambition is what will take you to your next level. Do not shut it out. Do not quite it. Do not dismiss it. Do not numb it with substance abuse or sexual abuse. Do not put that fire out. It is burning in you for a reason.

Its your unique voice the world hungers for. Its your imprint on this world. Why on God’s green earth would you want to shut it off. This is what makes you. This is the thing that’s been growing inside you. This is the thing that has been gnawing at you. And now its ready to be let loose. And it’s up to you to let it out. Feed it what it wants. You will be thankful later for it. So keep your fire burning. The world needs and yearns to see your flame. Your flame to light the darkness in their life. Do not take this light away from them. Feed your flame so the world can shine that much brighter.

At your service Samuel Augustin

My Success Story Part 3

My Success Story Part 3

This is the last part of my story blog post series. It was a while since I posted. I got super busy with eBay business model which I will keep you inform on. As you read you will see that my goal in building a multiple income stream is coming to pass. And the best news is that you can do it too. If you miss part 1 or 2 check them here.

Discovering the Kindle course was heaven sent. I continued to make it work. I felt like I was getting somewhere.

It felt great to actually make passive income. Things were looking up and I started feeling like I can really make it.

During that time I still attended church services and played my vital role serving others. A specific night at service my pastor was teaching about friends and trust. At that time my trust for people was waning. That’s one of the reason I didn’t tell people I was homeless. Even those closest to me. but this night my pastor mentions about having someone in your corner. “There’s gotta be someone you can rely on”. As he spoke I could feel that message being directed at me. he didn’t know my situation, but God did. A friend of mind did know of me being homeless. He had offered me to stay at his place. But I hesitated.

Later I soon took the offer after the local news mentioned of a blizzard coming our way. I remember that day vividly. I just left work, I happened to call him for something. Then he said his offer still stand if I needed a place to crash to avoid the storm. I replied I’ll be okay. So there I was standing outside my job next to my Nissan Pathfinder as soon as I hung up the phone the snow began to fall. In my gut I knew this was going to be a bad storm. I remember what my pastor had said and looking at the snow falling. I called my friend back and said I’ll stay there till the storm pass.

I stayed at his place, he had a spare room. I slept on the floor. There was a bed, but I didn’t want to get to comfortable. So I slept on the floor. Truth be told it felt good sleeping with my legs fully stretch not like when I was sleeping in my car.

The next day when the storm was over I grabbed my things and headed out. Not to long about one or two days later another snow storm was announced. My friend said his offer still stand that I could stay at his place again. This time I passed on the offer and stood in the cold. I remember sleeping in my car that night and how cold it was. I had these thermal socks but the wind cut right through them. My blankets were of little use also. I weathered the storm and went about my business. I went to work at my overnight job.

Yet again another snow storm was announced just one day after the last one. I was like “come on man!” I mean we were getting hit back to back to back with snow storms in two weeks times. This time I called my friend up and stayed there a bit longer. I got the message, that God was saying you better find shelter. I’m glad I did because that snow storm was worse than the other two.

Luckily my friend had Wi-Fi this made it possible to worked on my online business with ease. And it felt great to sleep on a bed and not in my car (yes I finally slept on the bed). My friend told me I could stay and help with the rent or till I find something better.

Those six months being homeless taught me a lot about me, and a lot about how much God can provide and protect at the same time. I learn to appreciate the sun on those cold days. What made it even better was the fact there was Wi-fi. This only meant that I can progress to building an online business with continence without always going to the local library.

The kindle business was going good and growing. Matter of fact it was going so good in May I hired a virtual assistance from the Philippines to help me run the business. I remember telling a friend,

“Last year I was unemployed, and this year I’m hiring an assistant.”

It was a major turnaround for me and my online business pursuits.

With that success I was feeling good yet a bit lonely on this journey. While at work (my overnight job) I would listen to podcast and other recordings. Napoleon Hill was often someone I listen to in Think and Grow Rich. One night at work he said one thing that finally struck a chord with me. “Mastermind”

A mastermind is the collective brain power of individuals coming together in perfect harmony on a giving goal or outcome.

I did some research on it and came across a webinar by Pat Flynn, (which I also listen to) so my next move was to find a mastermind group. I went on Facebook on Pat Flynn’s Facebook group and ask if anyone knows of a mastermind group? There were some already started and weren’t looking for people. A few people said they would like to start one. What happened was I ended started my own mastermind group with the people who were interested.

We would meet on a weekly basis to talk about our online entrepreneurial pursuits. It went pretty well for a year, we still keep in touch from time to time. But in the beginning it was every week we would discuss our businesses and goals. It was a great experience to have like-minded successful people working together. Very supportive and positive. I remember I told them the amount of money I want to make. Not one of them made fun of me, or telling me it will never happened. We were so sure we can do anything. I loved it so much. It was like hanging out with people who dare to dream and believe. Sort of like Steve Job and Steve Waskniack and other great people assembled to create something great.

This new belief led me to other things. I got caught on the “shiny object” thing. If you don’t know what the shiny object thing is. Its following a new craze, or new business that seems profitable. I mean all business model can be a form of a “shiny object” it depends if you are always chasing after one business and another without completing any of them.

This shiny object for me came in the form of SAAS. Which stands for Software As A service. I first heard of it on Pat Flynn’s the Smart Passive Income show with Dane Maxwell. After that podcast I was hooked. I signed up for the Foundation email. They sent me a bunch of materials. All great content. My aim was to achieve the success his students had on establishing a software as a service. The technique was so simple that it seems too unreal. So many were having success with it. I read all the articles and listened to countless podcast done by Dane Maxwell and his Cousin Andy Drish- I was soaking everything up. I went on my own and decided to call a few businesses to set up a phone call interview or as they call it, “Idea Extraction”. I did the research mentioned how to track leaders and speakers at conferences.

My first phone call was terrifying. The guy I called in the housing industry seemed to be okay with his software. So I let that one go. Then I decided to go after dentists to see what their greatest pain point were. But I didn’t follow through with it. I had a chance to join the Foundation, but I could not afford the course. And deep down if I could afford it. I would most likely pass it up. Because I had enough materials to do it on my own. And I like the challenged. But this was a shiny object for me. Truth be told the materials on the Foundation are great for any business models. Maybe one day I’ll revisit this business model. It is very promising, like anything. If you work it, it will work. But my heart wasn’t into it as much. I still go by what the late great Notorious B.I.G said, “Don’t make moves unless your hearts in it.”

Another shiny object I almost followed was T-Spring business model. I have tons of t-shirt ideas. I always kept a note pad full of ideas. T-spring business model is a good one. But I could not devote the time to it, it needed. Plus I was so busy with the e-book business model.

My kindle business was doing okay (and still is), but I wanted to do more. I always wanted to blog. I have read of so many people who blog and make a full time income. And I wanted to be one of them. Again this goes back to “multiple streams of income.”

God lead me to Yaro Starok, an Australian blogger who makes his living blogging. Again I soaked up his materials. With him it was his podcast. The success stories were so amazing that I knew this was the next step. So for about a year I listened to him, and I still listened to Pat Flynn. But Yaro niche was purely on blogging. Turning your expertise into a full time income. I read his book The Blog Profit Blue Print also listened to the audio version. I started following him where he popped up. I did a google search on him to see if he was legit. And he was. A very humble, kind dude. His background checks out. I couldn’t find any mud on him. His guest speaks highly of him. I continued to listened to his podcast.

I wanted the know how to turn blogging into money, so I dove in yet again and bought his online course Blogmastermind. And I must say I love it. The information in his course is outstanding. Plus he does a monthly meeting with all his students via private webinar. Man o man the knowledge he shares is gold. I really thank God for leading me to great online people who aren’t crooks. But are actually decent people. Needless to say I am still applying his techniques and teachings.

Before I continue I must state why the name of this website is called Third Shift Millionaire. The name came about while working the third shift (overnight) I had set up my kindle business model and I said to myself, my money is working hard for me, even while I sleep. It sounded good. Besides I was working the third shift and third shift millionaire made sense. So I bought the domain and as they say the rest is history.

I had on my wall goals for 2016, one was to launch my YouTube channel, there are other books posted that I plan to write and one goal was to start FBA.

FBA stands for Fulfillment by Amazon. I wanted to jump on the FBA band wagon after hearing the story of Jessica and Cliff Larrew and listening to Scott Voelker from the Amazon Seller. Again through pod-casting I learned of a new business model this was around November 2015. PL which stands for Private Label. Private label is buying an item from china importing it with your own label or logo on it. For example you see a baby bib, you contact a manufacture in china and spruce up a deal with them to have them manufacture one for you except you put your personal logo on it and a few adjustment to make it better than the leading competitor. Not a knock off, but a real genuine product people already buying on Amazon. Except now you sell your version. Making it your very own and unique product. This also means that it’s your personal brand and no one else can sell it.

This is the next business model that I set out to conquer. I had set a goal to do this on March 2016. When I received my income tax I figure the best thing to do was do FBA. I was going to do the Private Label. Before diving in I decided to ask how to really get started. I went on the Amazing Seller Facebook group, and the response I got was unanimous.

The suggesting was for me to begin with RA, which stands for Retail Arbitrage. Arbitrage is buying something at a low price and reselling it at a higher price. I felt a little discourage because I had my heart set on doing Private Label. I wanted to invest $400.00-$700.00 on inventory which came from my income tax return. The good folks on that Facebook group mentions to me why doing retail arbitrage would be better.

  1. private label requires more capital to start.
  2. Its time consuming, requires a lot of research and back and forth with a manufacture.
  3. Its not for the novice.

I was advised to start with RA (retail arbitrage) to get an idea of what sells on Amazon and how the system works. I took there advice and begin my Retail Arbitrage business. Here is a glimpse of sales I made within the first weeks and into the next month of starting. What I did was go around my apartment and send in items I know would sell. It was a low cost, low risk entry to a new business model. This was the easiest way I’ve made money online.

Successful first sales.       FBA making money online           Amazon wholesale, Selling on Amazon, Alibaba

As you can clearly see FBA works and pays off. This only fueled my fire to continue to grow my online business. Like I mentioned before about my goal to have “multiple streams of income”

I did make a few mistake when I first started, like when I went to Wal-mart and bought a bunch of clothes. Come to find out I could not sell any of them because I had to be “Ungated” in order to do so. Thanks to a YouTuber by the name of Entrepreneur Girl video I watched help me get ungated. I ended up sending and selling the clothes a few months later. But it was a good lesson to learn. I like the fact I took action instead of seeing it as a lost. I live by this motto now; 

“Entrepreneurs leap off the cliff first, then they learn to fly on the way down.”

As an entrepreneur that has to be a train of thought. When the odds are against you, creativity somehow comes forth.

Back to the Kindle e-book business

I heard it said this way, “Don’t leave money on the table”

On December 2015, before I started FBA in the mastermind group I was advised to quit the kindle business because I put more money in than I was making. Yes that was true. But with most business sometimes you take a lost upfront in order to get it out there and build on it with repeated sales later on.

Even though I was advised to quit. Which was a punch to the gut. This came about after we discus the nature of our businesses. I told the members how much I invested into the E-book business. A member said judging by the returns I should stop putting money into it. To be honest I felt hurt, I never mentioned that in the group. But I saw their point. I remember after we hung up on the Google hang out. I sank to the floor. This was my first online business, and I felt like a failure because it wasn’t profitable pr making me as much.

Though I respected the others opinion I knew in my gut this business has potential. So I let it sit for a bit, not putting money into it any longer. But what I found was that the Kindle Publishing business is truly a passive income generator.

Because I did not want to leave money on the table. I applied a trick I learned from Yaro Starok and Chris Duker. It’s a well-known internet term called “Re-purpose content” what I did was take the books published on Amazon and put them through ACX. ACX stand for Audiobook Creation Exchange. With this platform you can turn your written books into audio books, either you record it yourself or you hire a voice actor.

So this was my next business endeavor. Again this is all with the mindset of multiple streams of income. Due to getting laid off three times in two years, this was my answer. Never to count on one job. Never to count on one source of income. This is what I meant by I didn’t get angry, I simply aim to get better. No longer will I have to wait on one paycheck. My goal is to build as many successful financial streams of income to where I can do what I want and leave working my overnight job. I hate having to live paycheck to paycheck. And the only way I see is to leverage my God giving time and talents. In this way I can be better off. This is not greed, it is financial freedom.

After I learned the ins and out of ACX I hired voice actors for my books. I’ll share a link for the book I wrote myself mentioned earlier this is from my book the daily devotional was done by a talented man who goes by the name of Andrew L. Barnes. I had many auditions but I settled on him to do this book. You can listen and pick up your copy here (Please buy a copy and show some support, I greatly appreciate it.)

When I first heard him read my book, I was at home about to head out, I hit play on my phone and I started to cry. This book has been a labor of love since 2010 I worked on this book with many ups and down in my life. And to hear my written word being spoken through an audio book made me get on my knees and thanked God for this gift. I was overjoyed.

But it didn’t stop there, my journey was just getting bigger. After that success with the ACX platform I decided to do Creatspace. Createspace is an Amazon print on demand service, where you can print books, CD’s and DVD’s. Again to create another stream of income I tested a few products and ideas. If I learned anything from history is that the greatest men who ever did anything great test, failed, tested and failed their way to success. And I’m no different.

I decided to print my books through Createspace . In the process I leaned about the importance of ISBN and another print on demand service called Ingram Spark. I did my due diligence and homework comparing both Createspace and Ingram. Ingram I found is more well known because of its history with the book industry. And your books have a better chance at making it to other stores such as Barnes and Noble and other online sites. Because I had little capital I bought one ISBN (in the future I plan to buy more) again I was testing this new field. (**Side note never be afraid to test an idea; remember Thomas Edison, and the Wright Brothers**)

So I put Unbound Faith through Ingram then Createspace . The thing I found out is that when you publish your book through createspace and choose other distribution option. Createspace act like they are your publisher. But this is a red flag for book stores. Because createspace does not allow book returns if the book store don’t sell the amount they order. And the book stores loss on discounts set by creatspace.

Because I didn’t have so much capital upfront. I decided to release the Common Law of Money under CreateSpace which I will later remove and republish with my personal ISBN. What this does is make my company the publisher and not CreateSpace. (don’t let this part confuse you)

While I was working on this, I made an announcement on my Facebook page about the books I was coming out with. A week or two later, I’m walking into church to do some cleaning and Bishop and his wife pulled up to the church (for those who wonder who Bishop is he is the Bishop/pastor of my home church) as I opened the door I hear 1st lady (my pastors wife) say, “Sam how come you don’t announce your books to the church?

After that comment I decided to make an announcement at my church about my books. So the following Sunday I made the announcement and did a book signing. The event went pretty well. I sold out of all the printed books. And I gave away a few free audio books to some lucky members. Here I am at my first book signing.

Success book signing writing to inspire and making money. Supportive outcome FBA CreateSpace Amazon success story


It was a day I’ll always cherish.

You can check out both books here

This all took place February 2016. it was in Late April early May I jump on the FBA bandwagon. Truth be told I haven’t published a book since February 2016 and I still get royalties from works I did back in 2015. Plus with the added channels ACX, and CreateSpace. I am soon realizing my goal of multiple streams of income.

If you want to get started making money online I would definitely buy this course. Although when I first started working on my first book, making money online was the furthest thing from my mind. Yet I have found that when you start taking actions old ideas can find new homes. The Bible states, “Faith without works is dead being alone.”

This journey just keeps getting better and bigger. I’m in this for the long haul, I really don’t know where I will end up. My end goal is to be a multi-millionaire, but I can’t orchestrate which road or businesses will lead me to it. Yet I know that God orders my steps,. There’s a motto I heard and live by, “The how is up to God.” Most importantly;


But thou shalt remember the Lord thy God; for it is He that giveth thee power to get wealth, that He may establish His covenant which He swore unto thy fathers, as it is this day.

If you need help to get started with your online entrepreneur journey or if you want content to keep you motivated. Then stick around this blog and sign up to get notices when I release new materials.

At your Service Samuel A.


My Story Part 2: Making Money Online

My Story Part 2: Making Money Online

Last time we left off, I just got a new job. I basically had to hound the supervisors for it. The old adage goes, “Go to the person in charge” Sometimes that’s what you have to do. Okay lets continue. If you need to catch up to the first part you can find it here.

Things looked sweet I thought. I ended moving to a new place. A nice home. And I begin dating. All the while I was reading blog post and articles how to create a better financial lifestyle. This is when I came across the term, “slave wage” “soul sucking 9-5” these had a major impact on me. All though the job paid well, by 3pm I wanted to leave. That’s when I noticed I work better in a 4 hour work shift not an 8. But I kept working and educating myself how to get out the nine to five.

My girlfriend and I were hitting it off pretty well planning our lives together, my clergy life was going good to and I took a break from personal training and bodybuilding. It felt great to have some good direction in my life and peace.

Then the wheel fell off, I mean completely off. The company decided to close the east coast facility. I still remember that day when the CEO gathered everyone in the break room. After he said he was thankful for our services then he went upstairs. One of the girls on the job went in the bathroom crying. She was the cheer leader on the job. I never seen her so sad. We could hear her sobbing and sniffling as she cried in the rest room. For some reason. This hit me hard. Not hard in the sense I got mad, not hard in the sense I got bitter and angry. It was like someone shot me with gun, but there was no bullet holes entry. The only time I could feel the bullet is when I moved. I mean it cut deep.

Here I was planning to start a new life. The money was good. I was building my life up in a new home and then this happened. It was a slap in the face. I know its business. But that crap hurt. Just a year before my last employer laid me off twice and one year later the new job I had laid me off. So I was piss. Angry not at the employers or the system.

But I became angry enough to do something about it. That’s when I decided no more, I won’t work for another company again. I won’t commit again.

And so I set out to create wealth, create opportunities, create my way out. This was a rebirth of a new mindset. Getting laid off from that job really was the last straw. It wasn’t the lost of the job. But more the insult, I can’t explain it. But it irritated me.

A little time past then me and my girlfriend had a fall out. Being in a relationship and being on unemployment was stressing me out. This sound so similar in which I wrote on The Common Law of Money. It seems to be a running theme in my life. Getting laid off seem to lead me to a better outcome. You should check that book out.

Any ways while on unemployment I scour the internet on how to make money, I tried this website Where you would write a post and you get paid by how many people like or view your article. It paid in pennies. But it was a good start. I tried affiliate marketing. I sucked at that. I fell flat on my face on that one. I followed some dude on YouTube and he only lead you in a rabbit hole to a high price item. Wasted time on that venture. Then I tried an Amazon theme store. I bought a plug-in that uses Amazon API to generate an Amazon look-alike template. I had no clue what I was doing. But I kept at it. I later let that website go. Then I did some surveys, I didn’t like it so I gave that up too. Then I went and start-up my fitness blog. I begin it sometime earlier. But neglected it. As I porous to find a better way to make money. I dug into my old writings and rewrote some things I wrote back in college, all the while I was working on my daily devotional book, and another fiction book. I was desperate to make it online.

Before me and my girl broke up. I would use her laptop to do all of these things. I would go to the library study my butt off. Reading every article and blog post I can get my hands on. I watch countless YouTube vids on the subject. Aside from that I was going out and filling out applications just to get a job to pay the bills, because the unemployment could not cover the rent. I remember filling applications online and praying to God I don’t get the job. I knew in my gut I didn’t want to work for another job again. I specifically remember filling out an application on Home Depot and the application form kept crashing on their end. I was so overjoyed. And when the phone would ring I would wish it wasn’t a company saying, “You got the job.” I mean don’t get me wrong I wanted money, but not a job.

In fall of that year I release my first book Unbound Faith through It was one of my biggest achievement online.  I remember getting my first sale of $4.86 through Amazon. Though it was a small amount that made me believe that it was possible to make money online.

But all good things do come to an end. Towards August 2014. My unemployment ran out. I had owed so much in back rent. That my roommate was left with no choice but to let me go. And here is the funny thing. Throughout the whole ordeal that didn’t bother me. I had read so much and listened to success stories I didn’t care if I lived on the street. The book Rich Dad Poor Dad, The 4-Hour Work Week, and Reallionaire changed my entire view about money. I had a new mindset now. And this program  Kindle Money Mastery added fuel to the fire (which I’ll detailed how it helped me made passive income regularly)


In my zeal with this new mindset, I took my stuff out of my old place and put them in storage. I just happened to land a new job working overnight (the third shift). It was heaven-sent. But sadly I became homeless. I told no one of my situation. Not even my family or close friends. So I lived in my truck during that time. Since I was working overnight. That job acted as a two-fold blessing. One it was a job, and two it was a second place to keep warm. All this took place during the fall and winter season. There were cold snowy nights where I had to bundle up in my truck to keep warm. But it wasn’t all bad. During the Christmas holiday I bought myself a laptop which came with a T-Mobile.  This really helped me stay focus on establishing an online business. My fire for making it online only grew fiercer.

Because of the situation I got myself in, I decided to make the best of it. I had a gym membership, so I would shower there and clean up. During the day I would go to the library and work on my business. So on February of 2015 things took a turn for the better. Upon research on how to market an e-book. I stumble upon Kindle Money Mastery. I was familiar watching Stefan Pylarinos the year before on YouTube; He posted great motivational vids and blog post. This particular day he was promoting his course on how to make money on Kindle publishing platform.

I decided to dive in and buy his course. And that is when I first discovered how easy and simple it is to make money online. Within a month of trying his system I started making money online. It was so easy and simple. His guide is easy to understand and his story is very relatable. Of course now he is a multi-millionaire (which I’m striving for).  His Kindle Money course was a true gate way to make money online.

I followed everything Stefan mentioned to do and I was getting results right away. Here are some snap shot of my earlier earnings

making money online


…..Tune in next week and see how I overcame homelessness and discovered a new business model called FBA. Plus how I hosted a book signing and more…