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Ozetazini: Where To Find The Land Of Good And Plenty

Ozetazini: Where To Find The Land Of Good And Plenty

When I was a little boy in Haiti there was this saying my dad always said, “Ozetazini”

I thought it meant the “United states”. Yet I never really asked the true meaning. When I finally arrive here and grew up in the US I never gave it much thought till a few years ago.

Looking back on the word, Ozetazini and thinking of my dad. I began to believe that Ozetazini means, “the land of opportunity” for years I thought that’s what it meant.

I figure let me educate myself of the real meaning. The true definition meaning is: to the United States.

Of course that meaning disappointed me because truthfully I like my version better, Ozetazini: Land of opportunity.

Why do I chose this meaning? Well truthfully being an entrepreneur it makes perfect sense. But I must add one more reason as to why. Read more

Discover The Power In Your Paycheck

Discover The Power In Your Paycheck

Have you ever said, “Today is payday! Yes Friday is payday”. “It’s Friday, just got paid, time to party!” or “It’s Friday payday, got bills to pay!”

Are these your train of thought when it comes to your money or should I say paycheck?

In the past I use to view my paychecks that way. For instance when I joined the work force I was trained to use my money, save a little, buy nice things. And this is the way most people think when it comes to their money. However as you get older you begin to look at your paycheck totally differently.

As the saying goes, “If I knew then what I know now” my financial life would be so much better. Here is what I mean. Read More

How To Find Purpose In Your Business Besides Profits

How To Find Purpose In Your Business Besides Profits

Once again I ended up on YouTube. This time I was looking up life insurance, how they work. My journey started on google search engine seeking information about life insurance the ins and outs of the different kinds and finding the right policy. After reading a few articles I decided to seek some more information through video, YouTube. I wanted to be well-informed on this subject. I came across a few vids that explained the different kinds of life insurance policy. Yet again on my YouTube feed there’s this video of Dan Lok.

Now I read Dan’s book F.U. Money a few years back. I found it interesting. I’m not a guy who like vulgar in all. But I decided to take a peek. He really break down a simple formula how to discover an amount of money you can make to live a good life and say goodbye to your boss. Read more

A Must Watch Interview With Bob Proctor

Being an entrepreneur you need to watch valuable, inspiring teachings. I love to read great books that help me to become a better person and view great content.

Most successful people surround themselves with great minds in order to sharpen their skills.

Recently on my YouTube suggested recommended video feed. This popped up.

It’s a superb interview with the legend Bob Proctor. Read more…

Get The Experience: You Won’t Know Unless You Try

Get The Experience: You Won’t Know Unless You Try

Sometimes you maybe bombarded with doubts or information overload.

You find yourself paralyze, not knowing which step to take first.

I’m here to tell you sometimes you just have to jump in to get the experience.

It’s not about failing, its not about making it. It’s about getting your feet wet. It’s all about stepping out of your comfort zone. Its about getting a feel for what you’re going after. It’s about tasting that first taste.

That’s what it’s all about. To many entrepreneurs over think things. Listen to too many “gurus” and yet never go out to at least try.

To at least launch their product or services.

This is very sad. You may be sitting on a $0 idea or a $1,000,000.00 idea. But you will never know because you doubt or over think things.

I say launch into the deep and get the experience.

Getting the experience will teach you more than you realize.

It’s in the form of collecting data. Seeing what your audience wants, discovering your strength and weaknesses. Discovering new ways to serve your market.

But you won’t know unless you step out to get the experience.

Listen don’t over think it. Don’t complicate the situation. Don’t complicate this opportunity. Just keep it simple and like Nike, “Just Do It”

Get the experience. Its not gonna kill you.

And if you should fail, so what. Learn the lesson from it and move on. Its really that simple. It may take you a day or a month to recover. But at least you will recover. You will have the experience. Most importantly you will know what works and what doesn’t.

So get out there and get the experience.

Your fellow entrepreneur, Samuel Augustin

Why Age Is At Your Side: How To Make The Most Of Your Years

Why Age Is At Your Side: How To Make The Most Of Your Years

Getting older is a part of life. We all age and get older. If you are like me as you age you look at life from a different stand point. You maybe leaving behind your twenties or thirties even forties. And you start to wonder; What now?

You’ve got a few decades under you. You may have children or maybe divorce. Except now you’re looking to up the ante. You’re not 20 any more. Your thirties are gone and now you wonder whats next? What about this new decade coming up? How do you make the most of it? This is a good question to ask yourself. Time is always moving forward even if you’re looking back. To time the past is the past. Time only moves forward and lives in the present.

This new decade you are entering could be a great decade or a miserable 10 years. Its up to you to shape it. When it comes to your money you have to know you’re at the half way mark now in life. There’s certain things you can’t get involved in any longer. There’s certain relationships you either have to mend and there are those you have to let go.

In either case the decision you make should serve you short term and long term. In your 40’s you have a good amount of knowledge and experience under your belt. The generation behind you can benefit greatly from your life’s wisdom and experience. The many ups and downs. The defeats and victories.

The generation behind you are at a lost. Yes they are at a lost. They may have the greatest technology to date. The latest gadgets. But they lack strong leadership. They lack stories of people who overcame what they are secretly struggling with. I believe you are the leader they need in their lives to shine the light in which path to take.

Your life experiences could be the very key that sets them free. We both have this in common; Experience and Knowledge.

Putting these two together has been and always will be instrumental. This can lead the next generation into a bright future.

Your years of experience should not go to waste nor unheard. You have something to offer this world. Your many pains of lost, pain of rejections these pain can be use to guide the next generation, by the lessons you’ve learn from them. By how they have groomed you. By how they have made you resilient. These are the characteristic the next generation need to glean from.

It’s not always your financial report you flash they need to see or your latest “toys”. But rather the intrinsic, non-cognitive skills they need help with.

I recently read about people who are in there 40’s who are going under job training to re-enter or reestablish new careers. And some feel like they can’t compete with the youths. Yet as I read that article my train of thought was competition should not be the mindset, rather sharing their experience and knowledge should be the focal point.

What about you? Your years of knowledge and experience. Do you dismiss them and think only “I’m getting too old?” “I can’t compete with these kids!”

Don’t see your age as a disadvantage. It’s an advantage. You have years of knowledge to teach the young. There’s always someone you can impart your wisdom unto. It’s a form of leaving a legacy. Your years of experience can save someone years even decades of heartaches and pain. I know not all will listen to you, but I believe there are always a few who learn well from others. My friend you can be that persons teacher. they can be your pupil. Don’t think of you getting older as a bad thing. Think of it as 40, or 50 years of experience.

Think of the verse in the Bible with the master who handed out the talents to three of his servants. One buried his. And the master called him evil, in other words unprofitable servant. Your years of experience are profitable. Don’t bury them.

You’ve got to find a way to cultivate this new decade of your life. Like I said this is the half way mark (not to sound negative) our life expectancy is about 80 years give or take. So this next half of your life engage it with brevity and courage. Do away with things you no longer enjoy. Hate to be the bearer of bad news. But your clock is winding down. Share what you’ve learned thus far. You can start in your own community or home. If you want to blog about it, this maybe good for you.

Remember to use the rest of your time wisely. Impart your knowledge and experience on the next generation to have a lasting impact on them. Remember you’re never to old to change a life.

Glad to be of service, Samuel Augustin.