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How Hating Your Job Can Be Good For You

How Hating Your Job Can Be Good For You


I’ll admit it sometimes I hate my job. Some days I just don’t want to go in. It’s not the people, but the job itself.
Have you ever felt that way? You hate your job or dislike some portion of it and going in just plain sucks.
Well you’re not alone. There are hundreds of people who hate or dislike their jobs. But the sad thing is only a handful of them are doing something about it.


quit 9-5 I hate my job
As for me, I use that as fuel. Disliking your should job give you fuel to work on finding ways to better yourself. The truth is just knowing you have to report to work. Should make you work harder and smarter on your business and yourself.

Because when you increase your worth. No matter where you go or end up you will always bring something more than the next guy or gal. Time has always proved that, countless people in history have proven this. People like Robert Kiyosaki-author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, Steve Jobs, Les Brown, Oprah Winfrey and many others.

Whether you hate your job or not. The thing is you must work on doing better for yourself. It may not be easy, it may take time. But work at it. Don’t let the days, months, years go by with you becoming a disgruntled jaded worker. Put your hands to the plow, put your mind to work to better yourself and your life in general.

Like I said only a handful of people are working on something meaningful. The rest just nag and complain about how “this job suck” how they are being treated. Yet do very little about it. Upper management don’t care about your crying. Some don’t even want to be at that job either. So why don’t you quit your belly aching and do something about it.

Use the fire of not wanting that job as fuel to build your own business or go back to school. No one is going to say, “Here, I heard how much you hate your job, here is a golden ticket to paradise.” No one is going to do that but YOU. Yes you. You hold the key to changing your world. You hold that mighty key and that winning ticket. Not your boss, not the government, no one but YOU.
Do you know that fire is both good and bad? Fire can burn a house down, yet it can heat it up. Fire can cook your food, yet it can cook you to.



Sadly too many people are letting their fire burn them instead of using their fire to build them.
The choice is yours. You can either keep yapping and complaining about the job you hate or you can create a business you love.

This is the information age where at your finger tips you can learn anything your hearts desire and become proficient at it.

So why not use your hate for your job to ignite the fuel you need?
Before you go to work on that job do something daily (everyday) towards bettering yourself.
Do one thing today towards your business. Anything. Sometimes you gotta win inch by inch. An inch today is better than no inch at all. Here are some other things you can do right now.
1. Keep reading and learning about your new venture.
2. Watch the experts in your field.
3. Read blog post to be knowledgeable.
4. Go to your local library, barrow books on a given subject.
5. Engage with your audience on social media to be up to date.
Read books about your new venture. The more knowledge the better.




All these will steer you in the right direction. Don’t be that guy who ten or twenty years have gone by hating his job and his life.
Be the guy who gets out with a plan, and a good source of income who lives a meaningful life.
The choice is always yours.
Like the famous quote goes, “Get living or get busy dying”
Till next time
At your service always
Samuel Augustin.




Any time in history you find yourself at a place and begin to wonder how did you get here. Discover my journey how I got here. I will break this post into a weekly story for you to follow along. Find a quite spot and join me as I tell you a tale of my ups and down and how you can benefit from the victories I’ve won.

I began this journey back in 2011.  My pastor mentioned multiple streams of income during a Wednesday night Bible class, for some reason that piqued my interest. I was working as a dishwasher at the time and also for a temp agency. You can see I had my hands full. After hearing the term “multiple streams of income” I wanted to find out more what this whole thing meant. At the time another word was being tossed around in my head, “Intellectual Properties” I knew it related to CD, Music and books.

Due to my keen interest in establishing a multiple stream of income life style, I took a side gig to make extra cash. It was held at a hotel. And the presenter said that to write down everyone you know name on a piece of paper. He said these people can be on your team. Tell them about the opportunity we just told you about and have them start selling …. Of course I knew what this was. A Ponzi scheme or pyramid scheme. Where you are asked to sell or ask people to join your team (recruit). I didn’t like that business model and I opt out.

Another opportunity came with selling energy packets. Where I would go door to door and have people sign up to lower their electricity. That company gave me my own back office (my own personal website) to see how many people I signed up. This one seemed legit because I did get paid for the people who signed on. Upon one of my travels I witness two different companies doing the same thing. Young man and women were going door to door to get these people to opt-in to their services. I did loss a few to them. So I came to a conclusion this was not the business model I wanted to do. Plus I didn’t have a car. And it was not pleasant walking in the heat of summer.

With these attempts I still wanted to have a multiple stream of income. Money that comes in regularly like clockwork. My train of thought was this. If a company can charge you for a recurring service I should have a system to pay for that service automatically.

For example my phone bill was at the time $30.00 a month I wanted to have a digital product that people would automatically purchase. And that payment would pay for my phone bill. The goal was to have a credit card that I fund a set amount of money that is used mostly for bills and nothing else.

As I continued to seek out new ways to make money, I had become a certified personal trainer since 2007. So I decided to use my expertise. I took my personal training business on the road, training friends and new clients at various locations. By now I had my truck and loaded it with training equipment fiton_the_go_image. It did pay off.

But I still had to be present in order to make a sale. I do love personal training. But I wanted a better way to make money. That didn’t require me to be there physically.

In spring 2011 I landed a personal training job at a private gym. This was my dream job. I couldn’t believe I was getting paid for doing what I love. This was a dream come true, helping people lose weight and building their life from a healthy state. With this great new venture a dark cloud came in the form of me leaving my other job. In July 2011 I walked out of my dishwasher job, there was a misunderstanding between me and a new manager so I quit (okay it was more like I was fired).

Fast forward to 2013 the gym I was working for closed down. I was distraught. I made a lot of good friends and great clients within those two years. So I set out to train on my own again. As I was going passing out flyers to gain new clients. My old employer from the gym called and said the gym will be opened back up again. A week later I went back to working as a personal trainer at the same gym. Things looked good, I started a project where I would record myself working out and later would publish that on YouTube as a training guide due to my success in winning at bodybuilding shows.winning pose- bodybuilding

I continued with my new goal in mind. After I trained my clients I would stay late close to closing time to record my workouts and document my diet and daily routines. But two months in after the gym reopened it closed again. I was devastated. I became very discouraged and lost my momentum. I put my fitness journey project on the shelf. Not knowing how or if I’ll continue it.

I became very depressed, during that time I was looking for work even with my spirit being in the dumps.

By the grace of God I still had work from time to time with the temp agency. God would have it that a job from the temp agency was looking for full-time workers. And my name came up. I was highly recommended for the job. The company would hire a worker for full-time based on attendance and performance and after a 90 days trial. I worked hard to make a good impression so I could get the job full-time. When my 90 days came up. I ask if they would consider me full-time. Now this is the funny sad part.

There were three supervisors. Each gave me the run around. One told me I need to talk to this one, and another told me they need to talk to this person. This went on for about two weeks. I got tired of the playing around and I made a meeting to talk to the main boss. I told him that I’m very interesting in staying with the company and that I was told after 90 days I would get the job permanently. He shook my hand and gave me the job based on my attendance and work performance.

…stay tuned, next week to find out what happened with this new job. And how I made my first dollars online and how you can too.

Always at your service,

Samuel A.

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