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Sometimes doubts creeps in. Sales are low, bills to pay, other personal life issues needs attention.

I know being an entrepreneur can be a roller-coaster ride. More like an emotional roller-coaster ride.

Some days I feel like, “what on earth am I doing”. “Maybe I should quit ” or get a full-time job and settle like everyone else.

But when I think about the last three years of how much I’ve learned and how much I’ve grown because of this journey. Getting a regular full-time job would literally be crazy.

Even though I’m not exactly making what I want to make. I know I’m getting there. But to go backward would be unwise.

Personally when these doubts come. God usually guides me out of them. Other times, I would find something to motivate me, and inspire me. But most times it would be my gut, resilience kicking in and saying,

“Now wait a minute, there’s no way you’re quitting now. After all you’ve been through. If you settle, you will hate yourself and be miserable for the rest of your life. Now get up, find something you can do right now towards your goal. It doesn’t matter, any small thing will do.”

That’s one voice that keeps me going.

Like I said some other times God would step in. I would cry out to God. Praying for help. Sometimes it would be a small nudge to either meditate on a scripture or a song would be in my spirit that I should sing aloud.

I know you are an entrepreneur, and I know you have days you want to quit and throw in the towel. But you have to think of the alternative. If you should quit. What will you go back to? Is that what you really want?

You will have tough days, bad days, days when customers do you wrong, days when sales are low or next to none. Days when you want to pull your hair out.

But in all honesty you and I both know it’s all worth it. There’s nothing like being an entrepreneur. The day is gonna come when you finally make enough to quit your day job. The day is coming when you hit that magic number you set for yourself. That day is coming.

Just don’t quit, don’t turn back. What’s on the horizon is better than what you left or leaving behind.

Continue on your journey. Know and understand that you will have some bad days. Bad days don’t mean you quit. It only means tighten up, lace up your boots. It’s only turbulence.

Every plane experience some sort of turbulence during take off, and mid-flight. But the pilot continue to his destination.

So you too must continue when you face some turbulence in your business.

I just want to encourage you as you make your way to a better life. Continue to keep going even during difficult times. Continue to stay focus. It’s easy to start a business but staying with it requires grit, passion, and jobs money quit 9-5

You’ve come this far, just go a little further.

You’re closer than you think.

At your service Samuel Augustin