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“He will neither be a friend of injustice nor a foe of unrighteousness. His conscious must be clear, deliberate and sober. In this way he’ll lead many to triumph. He himself must be bathed in equality, soaked in righteousness and rinsed in fairness. This individual is you. With all the indifference within, he is still you.”—Midas Shaw

“Sometimes I lie awake with the concern and the fate of this nation, how it will deal with its prejudice. But no matter what conclusion I come up to. It is up to men to decide its fate. Great and small.

We are a young nation full of brisk and ingenuity. Given each a home to do as they please. But reckless we have become in our findings. Our nature is the very thing we use against ourselves. But alas, I do see a new day, a new dawning. Men with character, influence, tactical viewpoints will lead the way to a grandeur future. Standing on the shore, I can see great things—marvelous things.”—Midas Shaw

At your Service,
Midas Shaw