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This is a letter Napoleon Hill (Think and Grow Rich author) wrote about life when he faced a major defeat in his life. He had many ups and down like so many of us entrepreneurs. With this mindset no wonder he became known as the millionaire maker.

This letter was circulated in his books and other prints in his era as a sign of encouragement. I believe this essay still applies for today. When you face tough times I want you to remember these powerful words. Know deep within you are made with the great stuff that Napoleon Hill was made of. Trust in the process, overcome the setbacks and forge forth to your destination. Adopting Hill’s approach to life, you too can start to think and grow rich. Even when the bottom seems to fall out, remember it’s not over until you win. I leave you with Hill’s words;


“Life, you can’t subdue me because I refuse to take your discipline too seriously. When you try to hurt me, I laugh — and the laughter knows no pain. I appreciate your joys wherever I find them; your sorrows neither frighten nor discourage me, for there is laughter in my soul.
“Temporary defeat does not make me sad. I simply set music to the words of defeat and turn it into a song. Your tears are not for me, for I like laughter much better, and because I like it, I use it as a substitute for grief and sorrow and pain and disappointment.
“Life, you are a fickle trickster — don’t deny it. You slipped the emotion of love into my heart so that you might use it as a thorn with which to prick my soul — but I learned to dodge your trap with laughter. You tried to lure me with the desire for gold, but I have fooled you by following the trail which leads to knowledge instead. You induced me to build beautiful friendships — then converted my friends to enemies so you may harden my heart, but I sidestepped your figure on this by laughing off your attempts and selecting new friends in my own way.
“You caused men to cheat me at trade so I will become distrustful, but I won again because I possess one precious asset which no man can steal — it is the power to think my own thoughts and to be myself. You threaten me with death, but to me death is nothing worse than a long peaceful sleep, and sleep is the sweetest of human experiences — excepting laughter. You build a fire of hope in my heart, then sprinkle water on the flames, but I can go you one better by rekindling the fire — and I laugh at you once more.
“You have nothing that can lure me away from laughter, and you are powerless to scare me into submission. To a life of laughter, then, I raise my cup of cheer!” — Napoleon Hill

At Your Service,

Midas Shaw