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Once again I ended up on YouTube. This time I was looking up life insurance, how they work. My journey started on google search engine seeking information about life insurance the ins and outs of the different kinds and finding the right policy. After reading a few articles I decided to seek some more information through video, YouTube. I wanted to be well-informed on this subject. I came across a few vids that explained the different kinds of life insurance policy. Yet again on my YouTube feed there’s this video of Dan Lok.

Now I read Dan’s book F.U. Money a few years back. I found it interesting. I’m not a guy who like vulgar in all. But I decided to take a peek. He really break down a simple formula how to discover an amount of money you can make to live a good life and say goodbye to your boss.

 passive income

I decided to check that video out and give myself a break from researching life insurance. The video title can be misleading, but the content discussed in that presentation can help any entrepreneur. If you are not familiar with who Dan Lok is you will, he briefly gives you an introduction of how he got started from earning nothing to earning millions.  One thing I did noticed is that there’s been some maturity on his part from the last time I read his famous book F.U. Money (I prefer the term Freedom Money)

If you’re in the search for a better way to earn income. Looking for some new patterns to implement to change the direction of your life. Dan Lok materials maybe right for you. Grab a pen and notepad watch the video below to get a better feel for his content. *Contain cuss words*

He does business from a different point of view. For example he makes a powerful point about profit vs purpose. It’s a touching point that entrepreneurs need to remember. Though the money is great. Though the building of an entity that will generate income is wonderful. You need to remember the importance of purpose. Purpose simply implies it has to be meaningful to you. It has to fuel a desire. It has to meet a need. It has to make you grow. It can’t just be about the money.

Dan clarifies this point after he had made his millions and retired only to get back in the game. This is one of the reason this information is vital. I have read numerous entrepreneurs who succeed only to find a sense of being lost after they have succeeded. It’s only when they tap into their core then they begin to start looking at life from a more meaningful way. That’s why many successful people give back. They realize its not about the money but more so the difference they can make and the impact they can have on the world.

Learning from successful entrepreneurs, their success and failures can teach you so much of the Do’s and Don’ts. Dan also shed a great light of after you become successful, how you may spend your time more efficiently. Noted from Tim Ferriss The 4-hour work week book. he 4 hour work week

This was an eye opener video for me and I’m sure what he shares will help you be a wiser entrepreneur. You will walk away with a new understanding of yourself and your purpose in the marketplace. Sometimes on your road to success you need to take a slight different look at your approach.

Similar to a truck stop towards your destination. This video can be a short rest depot to gain some new insight or a refresher course. No matter what your opinion is. I know there is some info in here that will help you be better equip for success.

Here are some of his materials you can check out at your leisure.

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Sometimes getting off the beating path can lead you to gold.

Stay the course, till next time