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Have you ever said, “Today is payday! Yes Friday is payday”. “It’s Friday, just got paid, time to party!” or “It’s Friday payday, got bills to pay!”

Are these your train of thought when it comes to your money or should I say paycheck?

In the past I use to view my paychecks that way. For instance when I joined the work force I was trained to use my money, save a little, buy nice things. And this is the way most people think when it comes to their money. However as you get older you begin to look at your paycheck totally differently.

As the saying goes, “If I knew then what I know now” my financial life would be so much better. Here is what I mean.

You see your paychecks hold a secret not many will tell you. Unfortunately you will probably find it out the hard way or years later when your money is low.

In either case you would’ve learn it, the secret is this; your paychecks are seeds. They are seeds that are to be divided into, spending, saving, giving, and lastly investing.

I want to focus on the investment part. I will refer to this as “side hustle” I believe everyone who collects a paycheck should have a side hustle. One reason in particular is not to rely solely on your current job.

As I’ve gotten older I see that money is very important. The truth of the matter is most people only go to work to make money, very little make a difference. In having  a side hustle or business you can do both.

I wish I knew about this when I was younger I would’ve been financially further ahead in life. Having a side hustle-business on the side gives you an advantage. If for any reason you lose your main job then at least you have money coming in from somewhere else. If you decide to quit, at least your side hustle can keep you until you find something better or you may want to turn that side hustle into your main income source.


Why You Need To Think Differently 


I believe we’ve been trained incorrectly to have one source of income. I’m not saying you should have two to three jobs. What I’m saying is when you have multiple streams of income you are not at the mercy of your job. This empowers you to know that if something should go wrong you have a fail-safe device to get you through.

Personally I love having these devices in place. Not relying on my job as my main source of income.

I believe you can learn to adopt this mindset of having multiple streams of income. Your side hustles can really set you apart from the rest.

You don’t have to be one of those people who secretly worry about getting fired and wondering, “What am I going to do?” You’re suppose to live as much as worry free as possible. Since money is one of the top things people worry about. You can combat this by being proactive in getting a business on the side. Therefore you will know and understand that true employment comes from within.

That is why your paychecks hold this power. You’re not suppose to use it all on paying your bills. Divide it up. Find a low entry, low hanging fruit business model you can get into. The goal is to start as soon a you can. Listen time is of the essence. You never know how the economy will fluctuate. You don’t know what’s really going on behind close doors in your department or job.


I always believe in taking personal responsibility. It’s up to you to make the most of your life. Though your company pays you for your time and services rendered. They don’t owe you a life of quality. Only you do. So having a side hustle may be the extra cash and peace of mind you’re looking for.

The problem is most people are relying on that one job. That one source of income. That simply don’t cut it anymore. Haven’t you noticed the entire landscape has changed? The products we use, the services, most importantly the delivery systems in how we get things-even the way we do business with people have changed.

Luckily today I no longer wait for Friday as payday. Most days are a payday now. Doing eBay, plus other ventures have opened my eyes to this powerful secret. Using your paychecks to fund your side business. To be honest, recently my hours were cut at my current job. Because of selling on eBay, I was able to not suffer drastically financially. It has been a God send. All this is due to using my paychecks to fund my business.


You too can do the same thing. To many people complain about their jobs, but fail to see the possibilities a job really offers. Start seeing your paychecks as a gateway to fund your business(s). Slowly build it up. You only need a small percentage of that paycheck. Even if you have to save for a few months to get something going.


An added benefit of having a side hustle is you acquire new skill set. You don’t want to be that guy/girl on the job that’s holding everybody hostage. Meaning, you don’t have anything to fall back on. Don’t be that guy/girl that puts so much stock on your job or company without developing and investing in yourself. Because you don’t want the job to end up outgrowing you all the while your skills become stagnant or diminished.

If that’s the case you become a hindrance for the company to grow, or you become a burden and deter new hires. That is why having a side hustle, a side business works. Because it will open up your mind to great possibilities. You will discover a new level of yourself you weren’t aware of.  These new skills will grant you access to better income and opportunities.

Here are some that I know works which can help you utilize this secret; Amazon is a great place to begin with. You may not be aware but Amazon has so many ways almost anyone can use to make money. From retail arbitrage to online arbitrage to private label. There are more to Amazon than meets the eye, you can start with this course I personally use and highly recommend, PAC (Proven Amazon Course). Also you can do shopify owning your own store online. And of course eBay. Those are just a few. You can do local side hustles too. Use your natural talents and turn that into making you income. The point is you start to look for ways your paycheck can fund this new venture.

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Listen, I know its hard sometimes, but you owe it to yourself and your family to be financially secured. You may have to sacrifice some hours or days or even overspending to get this going.  Let me assure you, it feels so good to know that you won’t be totally dependent on a jobs paycheck.

What if something goes wrong? Have you ever had an emergency and it cost you greatly? How many weeks or months did that emergency set you back financially? I know all to well about those situations. Therefore when you have a side business to bring in extra income. An emergency won’t set you back to dig into your savings. Begin looking for ways to start a side hustle-business.




Just remember that your paychecks hold this secret. Don’t spend it all on the weekend. To many people live and work for the weekend. They give up eight hours in 5 days  to live for 2 days. Get out of that mindset. Live everyday. Not just on weekends. Don’t drink your paychecks away, or throw it all on video games, clothing, and other material things. Since every Friday you get this surge of power (meaning your paychecks) are you not worth more than the things you spend it on? I’m not saying not to enjoy your life. What I’m saying is you owe it to yourself to use your money wisely.


Ask anyone who are in their 40s-50s and up they would tell you “I wish I invested my money on more lucrative things”

The truth of the matter is that we are living longer. Consequently you don’t want to reach retirement age working because you HAVE to. Rather it should be because you WANT to.

Begin to see this secret in your paychecks. Start a side hustle with some of that money. Only a small portion will do. As that money begins to grow you’ll start to see more and better opportunities open up for you. Don’t spend all your good God giving years without a plan. Learn to develop a mindset of having multiple income and using this power in your paycheck.

Sincerely, Samuel Augustin

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