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moving forwardInformation Overload

What’s the difference between a fit person and an unfit person? Exercise. As entrepreneurs we can become stagnant and unfit. I say it this way because in the beginning getting into the online business realm. I use to consume every information I could get my hands on. I listened to countless podcasts, read so many blogs and how to guides. But one thing I wasn’t doing was taking massive action. I ate but did not exercise the nutritious contents I consumed.

I found myself in paralysis analysis—and if correct you have been there at some point on your journey.

The cure for you in this phase is to take action. Yes, take action. You know all the information, you have all the facts, and you’ve read others who have done it. Now it’s your turn to stop the overeating information and start exercising these ideas you have in your head.

If you are a blogger and you are stuck on research. Stop. And write down what you have so far. You’d be surprise that when you sit down to write, ideas seems to surface without much needed research.

If you are a podcaster—go to your station and record, do a “Fun Run” recording. That simply means have fun with any subject that comes to mind. Or answer the last question a listener ask you on Facebook or twitter. This should release some creative juices.

If you are starting out as an online entrepreneur and don’t know where to start. Write down an introduction of your product or yourself. Purchase a domain name if you already settled on one. You don’t have to set it up right away. Maybe simply buying it will get you to the next step.

If you’re stuck on which product to launch first, and are stuck on the research and development stage. Put one out there now, to get your feet yet. And learn from the lessons and feedbacks.

The whole point is to take action. Ideas in your head don’t pay the bills and help people. Ideas in the real world does. So stop over analyzing and just do it.

It’s a pleasure serving you,

Midas Shaw