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Putting yourself out there isn’t easy especially if you are shy and on the introverted side. Being an introvert I know I prefer to be in the background. Working on my crafts and gifts. But there comes a time when the world needs you to be upfront. It can be very uncomfortable, very uneasy and nerve racking. Yet because of what you have to offer can add value to others you have to set aside your fears and doubts.

Anytime you are required to do something out of your comfort zone, anxiety is at the forefront. But because of who you’ll help and who you’ll impact. Fear and anxiety seems to not matter much more. I know for me I have faced fear time and time again. Even at my local church when I am called to pray out loud to open up service or to baptize someone. But because I know I am there to serve I put aside my hesitancy in order to meet the needs of the people.

When you are starting a business I find that it is very much similar. There comes a time you have to set your fears aside and meet the needs of the people. The product or service you provide is what people are thirsty and hungry for. Their lives will be much better the sooner you put your service or product out there.

One of the most crippling fact about fear is the comparison theory. Comparing yourself to others is one of the most dangerous tool out there that keeps you in the dugout. It’s your time to bat, but you are too busy comparing yourself to someone else, and you lose the edge to compete or even play.

The way to not let this hinder you is to be YOU. Yes, no one can do what you do. You have a certain way about you that no one can duplicate or imitate. So put yourself out there. This plays in the ‘rule of 7th times” if you can hold on to this rule you will always beat fear or comparing yourself to others.

What is the rule of 7th times? well the rule of 7th times is that someone can hear a message in all their lives or read a book, or watch a movie or read a blog post or any content for that matter. But on the 7th time they hear it or read it they finally get it. What I’m saying is you can be someone’s 7th time.

Your product or service can be that person 7th time. When they finally get it, you win a new customer/client. This is why persistence is key.

So next time you feel like you can’t compete, think of it that you may be that persons 7th time.

Remember why you are in business, to meet the needs of the people. You can’t let fear stop you from serving them. You are unique and have a unique spin on what you are offering. Therefore put aside fear and do it anyways. Meet your customers’ needs let your product or service change their lives. Add value to their lives and you will be rewarded handsomely.

Remember no one can do what you do. Not the way you do it. Put it out there, like Jesus said, “Put out into the deep water and let down your nets for a catch.” (NAS Luke 5:4)

It’s my pleasure to serve you

Samuel Augustin