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Being an entrepreneur you need to watch valuable, inspiring teachings. I love to read great books that help me to become a better person and view great content.

Most successful people surround themselves with great minds in order to sharpen their skills.

Recently on my YouTube suggested recommended video feed. This popped up.

It’s a superb interview with the legend Bob Proctor.

Upon listening to this interview, there was so much great wisdom he shared.

One in particular is the phrase, “…trading your life for it.”

This struck a cord with me because I have set goals for my life. But when you think of the weight a goal holds. Then you began to really assess the magnitude of that goal.

I mean if trading your life to obtain a goal, then that goal better be a worthwhile worthy goal.

As entrepreneurs we often forget how much time and effort a goal requires. When you start to think of the trade involves then you need to consider is it worth it? This is why if you’re just about the money. Then you are trading your life for money or any shallow goal.

Often times we learn that when it’s to late. But this interview showed me that there’s always a trade. Napoleon Hill often stated this in Think and Grow Rich. You can’t get something for nothing. Although this interview speaks on more than just this point. But I find it I should chime on it.

Look over your goals and consider the cost you must pay for it if you’re on this site I know it’s a worthwhile goal.

Here is the interview, very thought provoking and insightful.

I hope you enjoy this interview its very deep. Catalin Matei is the interviewer he did a great job.

These are the materials you need to really grasp to change the direction of your life.┬áBob Proctor also give away a big secret. Find someone who’s done what you want to do and do exactly what they tell you. This is great age old wisdom how to work smarter and not harder.┬áMaterials like this helps you alter the outcome you desire.

Live a bless life,