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When I was a little boy in Haiti there was this saying my dad always said, “Ozetazini”

I thought it meant the “United states”. Yet I never really asked the true meaning. When I finally arrive here and grew up in the US I never gave it much thought till a few years ago.

Looking back on the word, Ozetazini and thinking of my dad. I began to believe that Ozetazini means, “the land of opportunity” for years I thought that’s what it meant.

I figure let me educate myself of the real meaning. The true definition meaning is: to the United States.

Of course that meaning disappointed me because truthfully I like my version better, Ozetazini: Land of opportunity.

Why do I chose this meaning? Well truthfully being an entrepreneur it makes perfect sense. But I must add one more reason as to why.

Because for so many years I thought it meant the land of opportunity I began to see America as that, a land of opportunity.

As I got deeper into entrepreneurialism I discovered that the greatest land of opportunity is actually our minds.

So now my new definition for Ozetazini: is the land of opportunity which is the mind.

Your mind is one of the richest place where untold, and undiscovered riches harbor. They openly and secretly wait for you to discover them.

Your ideas in your mind is what can change the very fabric of your life and human kind. Whether good or bad. The choice is always yours.

This great land of opportunity secretly waits for you to dive in, search it out. But sadly some are too busy wasting their time and energy disregarding this great land.

On this masterpiece real estate anything can be built on it. Its one of life’s abundant resource center too many overlook.

When was the last time you sat down, shut everything off, TV, video games, people, and social media to dive in and do a “brain storm” to figure your next best move? When was the last time you paid attention to the “hunches” the “nudges” your mind hinted upon?

Sadly some miss out on great opportunities their mind disclose to them thinking its to far fetch or it won’t make sense.

Did you know back in time some people believed that the world was flat. And if one should sail, they would fall off the edge of the world?

But a few didn’t believe that to be true and set sail to what their mind revealed to them in which they discovered great opportunities. Simply by ignoring what the masses believed.

This is just a small example of following your instincts. A small example of digging into yourself to discover the truth within to manifested outward.

What opportunities are you letting go by? Because of what the masses are saying? Are you missing out on a great opportunity because of fear, because of the unknown, because of what people may say or think about you?

Well let me put it this way. Those who thought the world was flat died on their small islands never to sail and witness the beauty of this world.

In the Bible a man named Peter walked on water towards Jesus. While the others safely stayed in the boat.

Will you chance ever walking on water if you had the opportunity?

I say you have the opportunity today to walk on water and sail to new seas… all starts in your mind.

The opportunity you so desperately wants is locked in your mind. Blocked by unbelief, fear, and erroneous information and imagination.

Ever since becoming an entrepreneur I have seen life more clearer. I was right to believe America means the land of opportunity. Now taking it a step further from all the research and revelations, your mind is the greatest land of opportunity.

Just stop and think for one second. You are reading this on a phone, a tablet, a PC or your TV screen. All these platforms came from the mind, an idea.

What idea are floating in your mind that can benefit mankind?

If I offer you this choice. A billion dollars in cold cash or option two the secret not yet revealed creations of Steve Jobs, Warren Buffet, Martin Luther King Jr, Mahatma Gandhi, Bob Marley, Steven Spielberg, and Einstein’s mind. Which one would you take? Which of the two are more valuable.

I’m sure you choose the mind over the money. Because the mind will give you the tools to create the money and teach you how to keep it.

If you chose the money. Please stop reading and go chase cars down the street.

For everyone else look deep within. You already know the answers to your problems. Tap into that great resource of your mind to discover the solution.

Many of the men and women who did great things tapped into that “land of opportunity”

In the words of the great martial art teacher, “To hell with circumstances; I create opportunities.” – Bruce Lee

Are your circumstances beating you with kung-fu, well you need to fight back and create an opportunity to knock it out.

A healthy mindset is all you may need.

Start reading books on people who overcame great struggles, link up with others who are successful in your field. Listen to positive individuals. Subscribe to this blog. Stop watching the news because they only report bad news. The world isn’t as bad as they portray it. If you believe there’s no good in this world, that’s all you’ll attract. Lastly take time to turn off notifications and set some personal time to reflect.

One of the sad thing that happens to entrepreneurs is they escape the “Rat race” yet unbeknownst to them it wasn’t an escape more of a trade. Meaning they left the “Rat race” to exchange it for the “Digital rat race”

digital-rat-race-keyboard warrior opportunity-ozetazini


So do set time to rest and reflect. Every land-soil needs time to heal and replenish (germinate new ideas). Give yourself time to BE and not always DO. We’re called human BEing not human DOing.

As you continue to realize that this land of good and plenty starts in your mind you’ll soon discover new opportunities. Start challenging yourself this new year. You’ve come across this article because deep down you know you have more to offer. Just look back a decade or so, and look at the innovations that took place… Now I ask you, do you think your ideas are still far fetch?

If you forget anything you just read, just remember this, that the land of good and plenty starts in your mind. This “Ozetazini” can make you very rich or very poor. It all depends on how you cultivate it. Take a look at the street you live on, see the different landscapes of people’s homes. If each home represents their mind, you then can see how much care they’ve taking to cultivate their “land” or lack of.


Samuel Augustin


This blog post is dedicated to my dad for seeing a better life for his family. By migrating to a land of good and plenty and to God who opened his eyes and mind to the possibilities that lies beyond a given shore.

Also to every immigrant who dare to dream, chase their dreams and create the lifestyle they envisioned. Your tenacity to succeed shows us its possible to change our lives in spite of oppositions. Keep your fire burning so others can be guided to a better promised destination. May God continue to bless you according to His riches and glory.