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Go where the flame is burning. When you have a fire in your belly and its directing you. When it fuels you. When it pulls on you. When it pushes you. Submit to it.
Most people will tell you other wise. Most people will pull on you, telling you to do this, try that. Sign up for this. Volunteer for that. But deep in your gut you know there’s a quite storm. A roaring flame that just won’t let up. Your own fire. Your own voice. This is the one you listen to and follow, screw all the other ones. They are just distractions. If you heed these distractions. If you listen and follow after these distractions you will forever regret it. You will lose months if not years of your life. Time you may never be able to claim back.
So when that fire is burning in your gut. When that fire is guiding you. Just listen. Trust me, just listen to it. That fire of ambition is what will take you to your next level. Do not shut it out. Do not quite it. Do not dismiss it. Do not numb it with substance abuse or sexual abuse. Do not put that fire out. It is burning in you for a reason.

Its your unique voice the world hungers for. Its your imprint on this world. Why on God’s green earth would you want to shut it off. This is what makes you. This is the thing that’s been growing inside you. This is the thing that has been gnawing at you. And now its ready to be let loose. And it’s up to you to let it out. Feed it what it wants. You will be thankful later for it. So keep your fire burning. The world needs and yearns to see your flame. Your flame to light the darkness in their life. Do not take this light away from them. Feed your flame so the world can shine that much brighter.

At your service Samuel Augustin