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We all been through this one time or another in our lives. You know that money is important. Balancing your checkbook is a skill you’ve develop to have some kind of sense where your money is going. You’ve probably have a great budget plan to not over spend. But this is life and things happen.

Have you ever received a noticed for an overdraft fee? Well I’m sure you have. I also have. It doesn’t matter how careful or responsible you are. You are likely to face this minor setback. But there is a way to have your bank waive these fees.
One way to have your fees waive is to call up customer service. And by calling I mean be nice and polite. There is no need to scream, yell or breathe like a fiery dragon. What will happen is the customer service rep will ask you how they can assist you on today? Simply reply, “I noticed there is an overdraft fee on my account, how can you help me waived that fee?”
The customer rep will look up your account. Even if it was your fault or miscalculated withdrawal. Continue to be nice and polite on the phone and ask them to waive the fee. Most likely they would say they can’t. This is where you can play on the charm,

  1.  Remind them that you have been a loyal customer (give exact date or year).
  2.  If it’s your first offence tell them how you have been responsible and how you must have overlooked this little setback.
  3.  If you have fallen on hard times, mention it. Most banks will waived fees for anyone who has fallen into hardship; either medical or losing a job. Its somewhere in their policy. You just have to remind them of it. I have use this two times to have my bank fees waived.
  4.  Most banks have a 12 months window to waive fees. Meaning in a year’s calendar times most bank have this on their policy. But most people aren’t aware of this. So the bank won’t remind you. They’ll just pile on the fees. This is the part where you have to KNOW your rights. Neglecting to understand this is really at your lost.

Going back to the customer phone call, if you are denied the fee to be waived, simply ask to speak to a manager or supervisor. And remember to continue to be nice and polite. Speak calmly and ask the supervisor to help waive the fee with the mentioned above tactics. Most likely your persistence will gain you the victory. Also note if you do end up on the phone with an unreasonable customer rep. simply hang up and dial again.
This is a last measure or a first measure is to take a bank to court. Luckily I didn’t have to do this. But might be the route you take. This is an old footage I found on YouTube. I like how the guy say’s “It was to cheaper to give back my fees. Then to pay someone to defend the bank in court.”


So try these steps to waive bank fees. Living paycheck to paycheck is a struggle enough. You don’t need added unnecessary fees to put a hole in your pocket.
At Your Service;
Midas Shaw