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Listen, I know you may feel alone in this world. With so much coming at you. You know you are on an important journey. No matter what happens I want you to believe in yourself. Even when you don’t see a way out. I want you to continue.

This gift you have. This hunger within that pulls you, that drives you. Yield to it. I know it can seem scary and a daunting task. But you can do it. Others have done it. I believe in you and always will. It’s your WILL to succeed that pulls on you. I know you see mediocrity all around you. And you want better. And you will get it, that’s why it seems difficult at times.

You have so much oppositions around you. These are just minor obstacles you can overcome. Really that’s all they are. Obstacles you can get over. Listen, no matter how hard things get just keep going. This is what winners do. Victory is nearer then you think.

At Your Service,

Midas Shaw