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Midas Shaw: I chose the name Midas Shaw for various reasons; Midas the name Midas came from Greek Mythology of king Midas, who turned everything he touched into gold. I like that story of how someone can take any ordinary thing and make it prosper and make it valuable to others. I know the story ends badly for Midas, but I’ll just learn to keep God first in my life so I can ward of any signs of greed.

The name Shaw in particular was due to the movie the Shawshank Redemption. In this movie the actor Tim Robbins portrayed Andy Dufrense who is sentenced to two life terms in prison for the murder of his wife and her lover. The thing is Andy is innocent. In the movie he befriends Red, played by Morgan Freeman. Andy faced some major pain in prison, somehow he befriends the warden of the prison, but the warden just used up Andy’s knowledge and skills to do his dirty work.

One faithful day Andy happened to knock a hole in his cell by mistake. The wall was very brittle, he then covered it with a pin-up poster. Every day when the lights go out and the rest of the prison is asleep Andy is digging his way out.

Some times past and a new inmate came into the prison system. Once again Andy befriends him. Andy is shock to find that this same prisoner knows who killed his wife and her lover. Andy tells the warden he found someone to testify on his behalf to proof his innocent. The warden seem reluctant, but later says he’ll hear the guy out. So the warden takes this new inmate to the court yard late at night and questions him. The inmate says yes he knew who the real killer is, and he can help proof Andy’s innocent. The warden ask, does anyone else know you know. The inmate said he’s the only one and he is certain of who it is, because the guy who killed Andy’s wife and lover bragged about doing it.

In the court yard the warden takes a step back away from the inmate, and bang. One of the prison guards shoots him.

The thing is the warden was becoming rich of Andy, because of the schemes he was running. He didn’t want to have Andy proved innocent and lose all the money Andy was making him.

When Andy found out about his new friend and would be witness was shot. Andy was enraged. He knew that was his only hope to proving his innocent.

So Andy did the best thing he could, he dug himself out through that brittle wall, plus all the money he was laundering for the warden, Andy had created an fictitious name so the warden would never get caught and there would be no trace of what was going on.

After Andy escaped used the fake name he created and the money he stored up, he took with him.

The point of the name Shaw represents the fact that in this life we are innocent of many of the things we’ve come into. Like Andy he was innocent and not a murderer. So I took that name as a symbol to represent that I, you as well have been duped to believe we are poor, we have been falsely accused to think we are less than, and deserve less than life has to offer.

I wanted to break out of the lie of being poor and broke. So the name Shaw reminds me of redemption. Redeemed from lack, redeemed from anything lesser than God created me to be.

One key note from the movie was what Andy said to Red, “Get busy dying or get busy living.” So I chose to get busy living. Hence Midas Shaw and this blog Third Shift Millionaire.

At your service

Samuel A.